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Quadalign set up

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 10:28:08 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

Are you running Q-soft software or is this an older machine running central controller ? Do you have seperate profiles set up for 0603 caps and 0603 resistors or just one profile for all 0603 parts. It sounds to me that you might be scanning to low a

Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 09:11:19 EDT 2008 | rgduval

Shane, We're assuming that the software is similar to our Heller 1800. We're also assuming that the oven has thermocouple ports, and that you have the thermocouples to plug into them. From the screen that displays the zone data, there should be a

Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 09:54:41 EDT 2008 | slthomas

+1 on what robgd3 said. It's basically the same process. The bummer is that you only have three thermocouples to give you the information you need, so placement (and attachment) is more critical. You also don't have the predictative capability of

PCB profiling

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 12:22:04 EST 2015 | barryg

Thanks for your input Rob, Our operator does not profile pcb's which so far we have not had issues that could be attributed to his oven settings. We may be running a pcb with a BGA on it and I was concerned about our lack of profiling. I have spent q

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 08:34:18 EST 2016 | cyber_wolf

His suggestion is that you come into the 21st century and buy a data logger rather than feeding wires through the entire reflow oven. That is old school and it is very cumbersome as you undoubtedly know. If you are in a position where a logger is no

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 08 08:00:40 EST 2016 | proceng1

We utilize the built in profiling equipment in our reflow ovens. It's somewhat tedious to have the operator stand there and feed the TC wires in as the board progresses through the oven. Otherwise the wires sometimes hang up and the board stops mov

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 09:59:42 EDT 2004 | gregoryyork

May'be after all these years your eye sight could be failing,other postings including mine asked board type and machine type and set up etc etc. Oh well

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 17 01:45:30 EDT 2003 | Dreamsniper

Hi, All these guys have provided you good solid infos already! All I can say is that check your wave solder machine's mechanical set-up too...and the Molten Solder Level in the bath must be maintained at an accurate level/height specially after ded

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 12:01:11 EDT 2004 | solderpro

Now we are finally breaking the ice, glad to meet you greg, once again did not mean to offend any one and glad to have guys like you on the chemistry end of things... have no problem with the pp file, its mainly set up to help those with issues like

IR oven profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 09:29:59 EDT 2003 | bradlanger

Dave, We are using Kester Easy Profile 256 No clean Sn62Pb36Ag02. The oven itself is a Dima SMRO-0252 which is a short oven, it has 13" of preheat, 13.5" of soak, 6.25" of reflow, and 10" of cooling on the way out of the oven. We are soldering multi

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