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reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 10:50:13 EST 2019 | rgduval

Call Heller directly, and give them the oven, and relative thermal density of the board, as well as the solder paste that you're using. They'll be able to give you a baseline profile to start from (both RTS and RSS). Otherwise, use a thermocouple p

parts popping off during reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 13 17:57:59 EDT 2001 | davef

You're correct. It is curious. Possible angles to look at are: 1 WS609 loves moisture in the air. In high humidity shops, this paste hakes-on liquid. If this is the case, you should also see slumping, resulting in fine pitch bridging, and solder

Re: Looking for input on Heller 1900WN reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 17:56:26 EST 2000 | Dave F

Glenn: Greg's comments about Heller ovens are well taken. Heller sells more ovens than anyone. Beyond his and others general comments, you should be aware of concerns about buying used equipment. Suggestions are: 1 Check the temperatures of conc

DIMA smro 0406 is good machine or not for doing lead free reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 15:43:01 EST 2014 | sreejhu

Hello Folks, I am getting a Passaat SMRO-0406 reflow machine for auction. So i would like to know is this machine good or bad for doing the lead free re-flow process. The vendor said this machine is 2000 model. We wanted to do the board with size -

Internal Oven Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 09:55:25 EST 2006 | fredericksr

Thanks everyone, I have found your postings very helpful for reflow ovens and intend to review my reflow calibration and validation, but in this particular instance I should have been more specific. We use the non conveyorized type of oven (Ten

Solder cover

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 18:42:29 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hello Graham Copper. Thanks for yr comment. I will review the pad size and component placement with our engineer. It looks that the placement of lead is wrong. But what i want to hear from you is about solder lump on the right.As you can see, the sol

Process issue!Help!

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 10:39:15 EDT 2004 | Bryan She

I found much ICT fails on the same location(Ref.des:Q166) on my boards. 1.Defects rate:more than 20%. 2.We measured the value of the transistor before reflow oven,it's ok.but measure again after been reflowed,result is fail.it seems fails happen duri

Need opinions/reviews on Madell Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 00:03:39 EDT 2007 | bkgsmtnet

http://www.madelltech.com/m2-13.html Will they do lead free? How do they perform? Quality? etc.. Thanks, b

Need opinions/reviews on Madell Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 13:44:46 EDT 2007 | russ

probably need to find out who really makes these ovens. This Madell company looks to be a reseller. personally I am very wary of these types of arrangements Russ

Reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:17:38 EDT 2012 | garym4569

We have been having a solder paste reflow issue which results in the solder not wetting to the LED lead. The solder appears to create "puddles" on the pcb pad. I have attached AOI image for review. We have had the pads analyzed for contamination, w

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