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socket PTH reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 03:09:05 EST 2010 | aungthura

I have tried to solder sockets by reflow machine. but, failed because sockets were deformed after reflow.Has anyone had some advise for me?

Wave soldering machines experiences

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 05:50:48 EDT 2019 | bukas

Hello everyone, I'm out on market for wave soldering machine. I have been using ERSA 330 ETS for three years now, but it is quite old and I would like something newer. I'm considering ERSA N wave 330, yom 2005; and SEHO PowerWave 8440, yom 2010. Wha

selective soldering machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 09:10:30 EDT 2004 | dougm

My company is looking at the various options for selective soldering machines. We are mostly a low volume, high mix facility, with some moderate volume orders as well. I have looked at the Pillarhouse Topaz XL, Ersa Versaflow, and Vitronics Soltec

selective soldering machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 19:04:27 EDT 2004 | longhua

The Vitronics is an unbelievable machine. It's a bit pricey (200k) but worth every penny. Contact larry@lapaent.com for more information. Good luck.

selective soldering machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 17:43:34 EDT 2004 | g2garyg2

Hi Doug, Read your inquiry. My company PRO-MATION has some exciting technologies available for both top side and bottom side selective laser soldering. Our work cells are great for low volume / high mix environments and are capble for both Tin Lead

solder ball attachment machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 15:27:48 EST 2004 | davef

In creating your solder balls, consider printing or dispensing solder paste on the pads of the LGA and then reflowing the paste.

sockets soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 01:56:56 EDT 2010 | aungthura

who's achieved in soldering to IC sockets with such machines, vapour or reflow? Hope he or she can share this success.Thanks in advance.

Intrusive reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 04:52:59 EST 2003 | Neil

Is anyone producing products using intrusive reflow soldering????

double side reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 16:04:07 EDT 2002 | stownsend

The lighter the component, the more likely it is to stick to the solder on the bottom reflow side. All boards I have worked with, the descrete components (R's and C's) are placed first (bottom side), reflowed, then the active components (IC's) are pl

double side reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 22:25:15 EDT 2002 | L_ch

Hello, As you know for the double side assembly PCBs, we normally first place the bottom side, then place top side after reflow soldering of bottom side. are there any other considerations for the sequence of reflow soldering ( bottoms side first, to

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