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K2 relay

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 09:24:14 EST 2009 | soudomphong

Hi, I am looking for a cheap Siemens safety contact relay for S-20 machine also call K2 relay. 3TK2804-OAC2. Anyone with info please contact me via email. I am also need to know the different between these two relays 3TK2804-0BB4 and the above metion

power relay problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 08:59:45 EDT 2008 | davef

You're correct: * Sealed relays should not be cracked or have moisture intrusion. * Hand soldering relays is going to be expensive. [Using a mini-solder pot for this might reduce some of the burden.] The good part is that the problem is gross enough

Fuji safety relay

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 18:54:30 EST 2011 | dwoodbury

Hi. We are having constant error messages from a Fuji QP341/MTU9 tray unit. It says there is a safety relay failed to start in prescribed time. Nothing we do seems to fix it, but rebooting enough times and eventually it goes away. We changed relay bo

power relay problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 05 13:33:28 EDT 2008 | jmiller

We are having problems with relay package seals cracking and moisture intrusion in power relays on thru-hole assemblies. we use a few different brands of thru-hole relays, we are using a sn-pb process right now and just going to lead-free. the contra

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 15:09:14 EST 2001 | smtspecialist

Thanks for the info, Of course the first thing to do was to look with my supplier, but the problem was that it's a special relay, custom made from a design created 10 years ago. Two years ago that company went BK and we had to order a whole bunch t

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 07:38:04 EST 2001 | smtspecialist

I have observed the same thing with solder composition in this case I am using 63/37 NC which is giving good results usualy. The liquid tin, product from MG Chemical that I used is to tinplates copper circuit on PC boards. I tried on few relays, it

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 15:17:06 EST 2001 | davef

Dull / shiny, I�m not sure that�s a proper indicator. If �Liquid Tin� adds a thin coat of solderable material without converting the corrosion on the surface of the lead, the corrosion will [probably] continue to increase and potentially affecting t

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 11:35:15 EST 2001 | smtspecialist

What is the best way/material to clean leads with 20% copper exposed that have been sitting in a stock room for a couple of years. My process uses NC flux 263 from AIM and I want to stay with the NO-Clean as much as possible!

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 19:51:43 EST 2001 | davef

No. Assuming your talking the MG Chemicals product, MG Chemicals makes innovative products and is a very innovative company. Let us know how it works, please.

Old relay oxidized

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 16:09:02 EST 2001 | mparker

What is the composition of tin to lead in the "Liquid Tinner"? It's been my experience that the higher the tin, the duller the solder appears. I've used 63/37 and 70/30 that both look shiny, whereas 80/20 does look dull. Just another thought to cons

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