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Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 22:27:16 EST 2006 | KEN

Many relays use soldered post coil terminatins inside the relay. In one case many years ago I found the SMT relay manufacturer used eutectic solder inside their hermetic relay. The SMT relay would fail because the solder balled up on the post, woul

power relay problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 08:59:45 EDT 2008 | davef

You're correct: * Sealed relays should not be cracked or have moisture intrusion. * Hand soldering relays is going to be expensive. [Using a mini-solder pot for this might reduce some of the burden.] The good part is that the problem is gross enough

K2 relay

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 09:24:14 EST 2009 | soudomphong

Hi, I am looking for a cheap Siemens safety contact relay for S-20 machine also call K2 relay. 3TK2804-OAC2. Anyone with info please contact me via email. I am also need to know the different between these two relays 3TK2804-0BB4 and the above metion

G5SB-14-DC5 Relays implications to 2A / 125 VDC Fuse

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 13 03:02:01 EDT 2016 | souldierann

I hope you could able to help me how come the fuse blown out when we powered up the board containing relays. The relays rated current is 80milliAmps only compared to the 2A fuse.The relay contact form is SPDT.

MPM Accuflex Printer Electrical problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 21:41:04 EDT 2018 | jeffr

Thank you for your long mail. I think the problem with machine is linked to the Blue relays on the cards which form part of the enable circuit. I think those relays form part of the safety circuit preventing me latching in the main safety relay. I am

Relay Coil Impedence

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 23:05:29 EST 2007 | Khader

Kindly explain to me how to calculate 24V DC Relay Coil Impedence for a 2PDT Relay.

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 07:32:51 EDT 2016 | bukas

that sounds like bad relay or relay control. are you in position to check it on relay pins? I would go from there.

Technical problem with MPM-AP-24

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 22:01:11 EST 2004 | Ken

Relay: Yes, you can drive a "DC" relay with AC. As long as the latching threshold is achieved, you can close the contacts. However, if the relay impedence is improperly selected, relay chatter can occur. I am confident MPM selected a correct rela

Relay failures

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 30 07:41:08 EDT 2014 | williamaxler

I have seen similar issues in the past. 1. We had an issue when the relays were installed a leg was bent over. This cracked the epoxy base and allowed water and flux to get in. 2. We have had to bake relays after washing. We would cut open the

PCB to Control Automotive Relays

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 16:45:18 EST 2016 | clncyfshslayer

So, project background first. I am in the process of designing a PCB that incorporates a microcontroller, LEDs, capacitive sensors and relays to control auxiliary light in my truck. I have the little stuff worked out and have it prototyped and workin

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