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raw copper on pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 05:11:42 EDT 2012 | cp38260

Hi, I have pcbs (Duroid/RT 5880) with raw copper, soldered in vapour-phase chamber at 230 degrees Celsius. During soldering, copper gets tarnished. Cleaning with Vigon A250 removes the tarnished layer. Indeed, in the VigonA250 techn. datasheet it is

contamination on copper

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 11:03:35 EDT 2004 | davef

Your copper corrosion is not good. It indicates that you have not done a good job in cleaning. [We assume this is a medium green color, not unlike the color of the solder mask on your board, that is almost like a translucent lacquer; rather than th

How to remove Oxides from older components? Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 19:20:09 EDT 2009 | boloxis

easy, just dip the ICs on a very weak solution of Nitric Acid, by very weak I mean like drops of Fuming Nitric acid in a half full DI water beaker. Place the beaker on a Ultrasonic bath and dip/shake the ICs in the solution in 5~ 10 seconds only. You

What is the best way to remove OSP coatings.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 22:52:18 EDT 2007 | davef

Here are some options for removing OSP coatings from pads of the BGA substrates. * Leave the substrates in storage for 13-14 months. Shelf life of OSP coating is ~12 months, depending on the product. * Wash the substrates in your aqueous washer. Ea

how to solder manganin 0.05mm manganin wire to a copper plate

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 09:18:36 EST 2015 | davef

Nichrome, manganin, phosphor bronze etc are easy to solder ... the hard part is removing the corrosion * Manganin: 86% copper, 12% manganese, 2% nickel. Often, it's used in making cryogenic measurements, due to its low heat loss. * Select a flux for

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 26 09:33:24 EST 2010 | smt_guy

Hi, I have a copper plate that we received from supplier with oils and some sort of stains. We tried most of the general type of degreasers by soaking but didn't work until we tried a Floor Stripper from Ace and it does make the copper clean and shi

Leadfree Dross in Wave Solderpot

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 18:13:17 EST 2005 | davef

Your leadfree dross should float, similar to your leaded dross. It's possible you're thinking about the process for removing excess copper from the solder pot. Following the same process, with: * Leaded solder, the copper floats. So, you scoop the

Wave soldering problem - strange colour of the solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 07:17:20 EST 2007 | adamp

I have checked pot temperature in different parts of solder pot and it looks like it is correct (250C). I have also lowered solder pot temperature and removed copper from the surface of the solder pot (operation repeated couple times). There is still

Selective BGA ball removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 22:41:42 EST 2003 | msimkin

Our design team have got a problem. We need to either drill out 6 vias/pads for a BGA site, or remove the solder balls form the BGA before they are palced. ( std eutectic) Has anyone used a vendor to remove balls from BGA (0.75mm piutch, ball size ap

QFN welding problem by reflux oven 10 zones

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 07:48:16 EST 2020 | benreben

Hello, The oven profil is not the solution! The only solution for the solder mount on the side is to put gel flux on the side of qfn and make a second travel in reflow . The flux remove oxyde from the copper that is not tinned and the solder is able

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