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looking for repair service for folungwin fl-md450 wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 15:07:46 EDT 2017 | mario

Hi my wave is down and I am having a hard time to find a repair guy in the Ottawa/Montreal region. Anybody has a contact for me?

DEK repair

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 17 17:45:52 EDT 2021 | silverlead

Hello SMTnet, Can anyone recommend a repair service for DEKs in the Midwest area?

DEK repair

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 18 00:49:21 EDT 2021 | dekhead

I am based in TX but do service on DEKs nationwide. DEKHEAD@att.net

repair SRT Sierra 1000

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 14:52:55 EDT 2006 | ppcbs

I use Mike McClay of Uptime for my SRT 1100 service for over 7 years now. He is reasonable. Try (408)433-0376.

Mydata magazine repair

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 15:15:25 EDT 2015 | spoiltforchoice

In UK/Europe AdoptSMT have a range of MyData feeder bits and a reconditioning service I d believe.

Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 03:23:10 EDT 2005 | dougs

We used to use a company in the uk that did this, we stopped as the results were never that good, i think the company stopped offering the service as well as no-one else wanted to have their nozzles repaired, it's best to get new nozzles in and make

repair SRT Sierra 1000

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 09:50:23 EDT 2006 | billyd

Dude - The last I knew, two employees had bought out service contract rights from SRT when they went away. It was incredibly pricey to have them come in, as they then wanted huge money up front for a two or three year deal. Get in touch with: VJ Elec

repair the BGA/CSP device

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 14 08:56:39 EDT 2001 | davef

Cal is right on target. I'll expand on his points. BGA solder perform suppliers: * Winslow Automation: http://www.winslowautomation.com/ * Galahad 12784 Tulipwood Circle Boca Raton, FL 33428 561-487-0271 galahad.inc@usa.netemail: BGAKIT@concentric

PCB Pad lifted - repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 13 22:30:05 EST 2002 | davef

Methods for performing repairs: * 7721 - Repair & Modification of Printed Boards & Electronic Assemblies. * On-line guides at Circuit Repair Technology [ http://www.circuittechctr.com ] site. Roughly from East to West, service companies that perfor

Juki / Zevatech 740 service manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 14:23:38 EST 2017 | muzzy

Hi Siltron! Yes, after the repair the "FAIL" led is still ON, but the machine works fine.

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