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Weird resistor color code

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 08:30:53 EST 2021 | zxcvb

Hello there! In one SMPS, I noticed a blown resistor with the following color code: yellow (4) Violet(7) Gold(?) Gold Black. I'm not sure what the value is. The dimensions of the resistor are those of a conventional MF0207 metal film resistor. I assu

Weird resistor color code

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 21:57:52 EST 2021 | stephendo

Are they all evenly spaced? If that first gold is orange and the black is spaced farther apart than the others then it could a polarity band or not really a band. Don't know why a resistor would have one. If that is the case then it is a 47K 5%. Whi

YAGEO wrong value resistor

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 21:18:04 EDT 2007 | darby

Have just discovered wrongly labelled resistor from YAGEO RC0805FR-072K2L Date 200706, Which should be 2k2. Part is in fact 22r.

0 Ohm SMD resistor

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 12 03:06:04 EST 2012 | dan_ems

Please help me with this: I need a zero Ohm SMD resistor (strap) to connect 2 PCBs but to be like a wire, that can be bent. I need to be SMD because I want to be place it with "pick and place machine". Thank you.

Weird resistor color code

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 12:45:52 EST 2021 | proceng1

You say the resistor is blown. Is the body discolored? Is it possible that these are not the colors, like maybe the first GOLD is actually orange? Perhaps post a photo?

YAGEO wrong value resistor

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 22:03:37 EDT 2007 | davef

Tks, have a Redoak on me at Watto's. You find the parking place.

YAGEO wrong value resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 08:02:39 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Remember the gool ol' days when me, you, and Fat Paulie usta go drinkin'?

YAGEO wrong value resistor

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 13:16:52 EDT 2007 | samir

LOL, Hussman. Yes the IQ here is pretty sad these days.

Tombstone on melf resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 17:19:50 EST 2003 | albertoh

Hello!! I need to know the land pattern specs for a melf resistor with dimensions length 0.415(+/-0.02) and width 0.144 (+/-0.008) inches. Because i have tombstone problem. My stencil design is 10 mils thickness in order to avoid the issue but it hel

0603 resistor design spec

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 27 08:58:39 EST 1998 | Des

I have a PCMCIA type pcb with an 0603 resistor situated exactly half way along the longest edge the device is 2mm form the edge of the pcb. I have experienced incidences of the device fracturing after breakout (hand operation) (pcbs are routed) Coul

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