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Wave solder bridging

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 11:24:20 EDT 2008 | namruht

I do not have a lot of specs at the moment. I just wanted to get some opinions and some of you thinking. I will get some part specs and add to this post later. WE are running a pretty big PCB and ther are some connectors on the edge of the board. T

Wave solder bridging

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 11:30:04 EDT 2008 | samir

or... like this? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FLOW DIRECTION --->

Wave solder bridging

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 12:46:33 EDT 2008 | frankr

One way we handle this situation is to produce a wave pallet that presents the pcb at an angle to the wave to stagger the leads of the connector.

Wave solder bridging

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 13:24:25 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Do you glue SMT parts on the bottom? If so, use your SMT glue to prevent the short. Just cut a new stencil with 0.020" wide apertures between the pads of the connector (bottom side). We do it all the time.

0402 bridging

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 17:32:53 EDT 2015 | jldowsey

Les, Some of the answers to design or stencil aperture/placement machine depend upon what is the current spacing between your components which you didn't specify. Chip components such as 0402's and 0201's typically have very small reductions in pas

Contamination under chip resistor array

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 08:33:09 EDT 2008 | davef

There is no standard as such. It's easy to see why. It's too complicated and has such a small payoff. Standoff is comprised of: * Package height * Solder thickness between the pad and the component lead * Delta of pad thickness and solder mask For p

Solder bridging after printing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 25 00:52:31 EDT 2005 | ktron

Hi all, Recently I had problem with printing the lead free solder paste, almost every board has bridging especially on the fine pitch locations. Anyway this problem never happens when we use leaded solder paste. So I would like to ask if there are a

Solder bridging after printing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 25 10:04:08 EDT 2005 | ktron

Hi MSK, Stencil thickness: 5mils with laser cut Smallest pitch: 20mils Underscreen cleaning frequency: 10 bds per cleaning Note: We have decreased the cleaning frequency from 10 boards to 3 bds to reduce solder bridging after printing Regards,

Solder bridging after printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 13:04:08 EDT 2005 | slthomas

Are you saying that increasing the frequency of cleaning to every 3 boards *reduced* bridging, or that it's just something you tried? I don't understand why that would help(in my experience it has reduced "insufficient solder" conditions but not brid

Solder bridging after printing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 25 09:26:43 EDT 2005 | mskler

What is stencil thickness & what is the pitch of your component.What is your cleaning processor for stencil.

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