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Flex PCB through production

Oct 23, 2019 | We are making our own fixture, so I don't have that resource to ask. Is there not a way to buy the

Instructional Videos

Aug 14, 2019 | Does anybody know of a good resource for free soldering training videos?

Conformal Coating Flexible PCBs

May 9, 2019 | Thanks for the option. Might be a good resource if we cannot achieve what we're looking for.

Juki 750 760 repair

Dec 13, 2018 |

What were your top go-to sources for electronics information and learning in 2018

Nov 6, 2018 | Electronic Connector Industry News Resources + Surface Finishing + Metal Finishing + Products Fin

Quad IV-c autoprogram

Oct 5, 2018 |

What is needed for UL ?

Aug 8, 2017 | try looking here for your answers

Help with resources for SMT assembly

Oct 24, 2015 |

What to look for in a BGA Lab analysis

Mar 27, 2015 | A good resource for implementing/evaluating a BGA process is IPC-7095C - "Design and Assembly Proces

PCB profiling

Feb 16, 2015 | A good resource for implementing a BGA assembly process is: IPC-7095C Design and Assembly Process

SPM problem

Jul 29, 2013 |

Please help..... I beg of you

Oct 20, 2012 | ok!... thanks a lot... Got some idea.... the resources are really great... thanks a lot! I coul

Recycling of SMT Reels

Sep 12, 2012 | Hi Michael, did you ever find a resource for this? I am also looking for a recycling source to handl

Looking for a Book/Guide for PCB assembly using SMT

Jan 17, 2011 | for a free resource/starting point try.

detecting BGA micro cracks

Feb 10, 2010 |

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Jan 7, 2010 | I fully agree with Demusch that it is the people who are really the most expensive resource for any

SMT Machine spares inventory management

Oct 12, 2009 | Start with:

Solder Wire Expiry Dates

Sep 1, 2009 | We started to use wire from Metallic Resources because they have no expiration date for "properly st

ITAR and peas and carrots?

Aug 12, 2009 | Here's a boiler plate ITAR control plan

SMT electrolytic capacitor lead classification is???

Dec 2, 2008 | Thanks for the resources. I plan on contacting them to get some answers. I hope this all works out f

Component ID Resources

Dec 21, 2007 |

Component ID Resources

Dec 19, 2007 |

Component ID Resources

Dec 18, 2007 |

Component ID Resources

Dec 18, 2007 |

Component ID Resources

Dec 18, 2007 |

SMT Training Videos

Dec 14, 2007 | The videos listed are good, basic resources. Just don't expect to bring anyone from zero to 100mph w

PC Board Guidelines

Sep 26, 2007 |


May 12, 2006 | Another resource for BGA Rework is VJ Electronix, they manufacture SRT Rework systems.

Jig for PCB

Apr 18, 2006 |


Mar 2, 2006 | I am not intimately familiar with every resource available in our stores, but I don't believe we cur

wave solder pallets

Feb 24, 2006 |

throughole to SMT

Jan 25, 2006 | What resources are available to cross a throughole BOM (bill-of-material)to SMT? Miguel V.

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