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Conflict Minerals

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 18:05:24 EDT 2011 | paola

One of our customer had request for us to comply with the law and to retrieve information from our supply chain for the compliance . We are just electronic distributors, as the QM I need to request the resources necessaries to flow down the requireme

Fuji CP-6 Feeder Maintenance Programs

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 14:22:42 EDT 2007 | mulder0990

I would love to jump on a program like that, but allocating the resources is hard. I am going to need to put together a proposal on why all of this is going to be useful to people that do not understand. I am having a difficult time just writing up

Looking For Hard To Find Components Or Urgent Parts? Give Us A Try.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 05:12:46 EDT 2015 | xavierchew

We are a Singapore based independent distributor of electronics components with over 7 million parts available from more than 1000 quality suppliers (OEM, CEM & Franchised Disti). We can help to source for hard to find and allocated components. We ha


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 17:49:45 EDT 2012 | belinda146

is not as simple as stating manufacturing efficiency is what makes manufacturing important. The pressure is built up on production staff. Procurement costs, manufacturing process costs and do not forget finance department's innovative skills in cost

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 06:06:36 EDT 2018 | spoiltforchoice

A Mercedes might have a few more toys in the dash, but both of them these days leave most of the engine management and diagnostics in the hands of an ECU or two. Of course spares for one are notoriously expensive, because they can. In both cases you

Adopting CIM Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 22 14:36:10 EST 2001 | aiscorp

Traditional client-server type CIM systems have required rather heavy IT support, and therefore many companies evaluating CIM systems are understandably concerned about the cost associated with this support. Recent technology advances have radically


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