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How are you reworking high mass LED pcb's?

Jul 12, 2017 | I have a few LED pcb's that have an aluminum > substrate that are ridiculous to rework. They > h

BGA Rework (Top side heat only!)

Mar 27, 2015 | That is a strange task. I must ask what is the purpose? When performing BGA Rework the goal is to r

Local Cleaning Post Rework on PCB with Conformal Coating

Apr 2, 2012 | Wondering how you guys do this. Scenario: You have to rework a part (small IC or resistor) on a

Flux Removal from IC for Re-work

Dec 7, 2009 | Hi All, I am trying to figure out the best way to rework around 2.7K worth of 48pin QFP ICs. I a

Looking for a rework station with vision system

Aug 24, 2009 | Hello, I need some suggestion. I want to acquire a rework station that can handle small CSPs and

Need a good rework station for connectors

Dec 17, 2007 | We have an outdated Metcal rework station and are thinking about purchasing a new one. We need somet

Zevac BGA Rework DRS21C

Nov 30, 2007 |

Zevac BGA Rework DRS21C

Nov 28, 2007 |

Small Parts Tips

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