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Bake vs Dry Box

Jul 25, 2019 |


Dec 4, 2017 |

Underfilled BGA Removal

Sep 28, 2015 |

Underfilled BGA Removal

Sep 28, 2015 |

Solder past KOKI out of date. Can it be reviving

Mar 25, 2014 | ok.. thanks you so much.. I will buy new dispenser siringe, and I try to rework... I have a questio

BGA station Zhuomao

Oct 10, 2013 | The machine has good enough specifications for general BGA rework. Yes, it looks like a copy, and i

EMI Shield

Aug 8, 2013 |

BGA re-reflow

Dec 24, 2011 |

BGA Thermal Profiling

Aug 19, 2011 |

BGA Corner

Jun 10, 2011 |

Soldering equipment

Sep 16, 2010 | Weller and Hakko have some good soldering > stations, hot air SMD rework system and BGA > rework

underfilling of bga

Mar 19, 2010 |

underfilling of bga

May 19, 2009 |

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Mar 15, 2008 | As a rework house to contract manufacturers, a majority of the BGA rework we receive is failing due

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Mar 15, 2008 | Unlike other solderability protection, immersion coatings [eg, ImAg, ImSn, OSP, etc] can be reworked

BGA Clearance

May 18, 2007 | Hi Ed, It all depends on your BGA, your placement eqmt, your inspection method and your rework st

FR-4 IN ROHS applications

Apr 26, 2007 |

BGA Failure Rate?

Jan 3, 2007 |

BGA Failure Rate?

Jan 3, 2007 |

Flux or Solder Paste?

Oct 29, 2006 | We are going to start doing rework of Lead Free BGA's. Have always used flux for SN/Pb boards/BGA's

DFM for Wave

Jul 17, 2006 |

Flux burn off

Jul 20, 2005 | guys, I am having a problem. During my rework (SRT) process, I am trying to reach a board temp of

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux After Touch-up

Aug 26, 2004 | I ran into this about 2 years ago. The Rework Operators (all 3 shifts) would rework a device, rince

Micro BGA pads, adhesion to laminate

Jul 9, 2003 | Hi Russ, Thanks for the input. The squeeze out we are reworking is very very thin since it has be

Reparing 0201 components on PCB-boards

Nov 12, 2001 | Am abit confused here, so suggestion is not to manual rework solder the 0201, and rather to cut em'

Inverted Chip Resistor

Sep 26, 2001 |

Boards coated in wax?

Aug 31, 2001 | 700 V). If you need more wax to patch up the rework area just to the grocery store and get some para

Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Aug 1, 2001 | 0.4 W/m�C [er sumpin like thet]. But it's real brittle. Sofer rework, ya can just pop that suc

repair the BGA/CSP device

Jul 13, 2001 | You will need to prepare the component and site for rework. Using solder wick remove the solder from

BGA standards

Apr 3, 2001 |

SMT solder training

Mar 8, 2001 |

BGA Solder Mask Repair

Feb 27, 2001 | Since Mark is talking about rework, I assume his board is fairly, fully assembled. Do you have to c

Oxidated terminals

Nov 8, 2000 | I looking for a possible rework on component terminals that are not soldering in a wave solder machi

White residue on PCB's

Oct 12, 2000 |

Adhesive Dispenser Vs. Screen Printing Adhesives Pros and Cons

Oct 3, 2000 | Had cheacked the archives but I didn't see much about their comparison: 1. Throughput 2. Rework Rat

Equipment/Line Capability Study

Sep 26, 2000 | I forgot: - smallest part you can handle - Rework capabilities (espec. QFP, BGA) - Test capabilities

Repairing Damage To Boards

Sep 20, 2000 | When an operator using your machine damages a board during rework, how does that damage and the repa

Nonrecurring Cost

Sep 18, 2000 |

BGA faults

Aug 17, 2000 |

conformal coating pcb - asymtek

Metcal soldering rework