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Oct 13, 2005 | Hi: Can you give me some tips for choose a BGA rework system? Where can I buy this machines?

BGA relow without solder paste?

Sep 20, 2005 | If the balls are eutectic (63/37) You shouldn't have any problems. All of our BGA rework is perform

Scrap criteria

Sep 20, 2005 | Well, at that value point, I'd go with the hourly ( unburdoned ) high-skill rework/repair rate up to

BGA Engineer Rates

May 19, 2005 |

Nozzle life?

Mar 1, 2005 | When you place 100's of 0603's and don't want to spend the $$ on re-work. Spending an extra bit of c

Conformal Coating BGA's

Jan 12, 2005 |

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Nov 8, 2004 | Good Day Everyone, I have a BGA rework that has some chipped/damaged solder mask that will need t

BGA Soldering

Nov 1, 2004 | There is no IPC requirement for reworking BGA with either paste or just flux. While we generally use

Mirrored BGA Assembly

Jul 16, 2004 |

Ungar SMR1000 Nozzles

Jun 2, 2004 | Does anyone know where I can find nozzles for an SMR1000 rework station? There's bound to be bunche

Ungar SMR1000 Info

Jun 1, 2004 | I recently obtained a used Ungar SMR1000 rework station. Does anyone know where to find information

Pace TF1500

May 20, 2004 | Looking for some feedback from users of the pace TF1500 BGA rework station. How is the unit working?

cost effective bga remove

Mar 9, 2004 | Two words that will send shivers down any self-respecting rework professionals spine:

SOT 23 not reflowing

Jan 13, 2004 |

Need Manuals

Dec 3, 2003 | I have a Pace Craft 25 Rework Station. If anyone knows where I can get a manual for it. Or has som


Oct 9, 2003 |

Solder Iron

Aug 13, 2003 |

equipment purchase

Jul 16, 2003 | I'd have to agree with Russ. Air Vac and SRT are probably 1 and 1A respectively in the rework equipm

equipment purchase

Jul 14, 2003 | I would try Air-Vac, They have excellent SMT and Through hole rework equipment. Don't know what "a

15.7 mil QFP

Jun 2, 2003 |

Black pad defect

Mar 20, 2003 | We have not found a way to rework boards successfully at this time. Boards with severe black pad ge

Multiple reflow cycles

Mar 13, 2003 |

lead free solder

Dec 13, 2002 | We are being asked to begin rework processes on boards that use lead free solder. Does anyone have

BGA void removal

Oct 9, 2002 |

SRT BGA Machine

Oct 8, 2002 |

BGA reflow vs replacement time

Aug 19, 2002 | Individual process steps are approximately the same length of time for reworking a BGA. You seem

Key Production Indicators

Jul 18, 2002 |

Reflow PBGA

Jul 15, 2002 | If your just getting into BGA assembly or rework, I strongly suggest taking this class. It covers p

Solder Bridging on BGA

Jun 14, 2002 | Russ makes good points. Search the archives for: * Links to rework machine profiles. * Discus

Solder Bridging on BGA

Jun 14, 2002 |

Solder Bridging on BGA

Jun 13, 2002 | Dear All, We have a SRT BGA rework machine and we created several profiles following solder reflo

SMT Training

May 23, 2002 |

SMT Training

May 23, 2002 | Are there places in Southern California that teach surfacemount rework? If not can anyone reccommen

To remove a AMP Mictor Connector

Nov 14, 2001 | Air-Vac Engineering has nozzles for Mictor Connectors that work with their rework systems. They make

Software for SMT

pcb components X-ray inspection