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BGA rework and reliability

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 22 11:11:58 EDT 1998 | Hon

Dear all, What are your views on reworking BGA's? I mean, with the BGA going through reflow temperatures four times or more, and with a manual reballing process, wouldn't it raise up a few reliability issues? Would you consider not doing rework on

Re: BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 19:53:06 EST 1998 | Tony Arteaga

If you still interested in information on BGA rework, please e-mail me. We currently provide BGA rework, from re-balling and placement of bga. Thanks Tony A

PBGA Rework Temperature Profile

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 05 02:03:19 EST 2002 | hany_khoga

Dear all: For PBGA replacement by a hot air BGA rework station, do I have to follow the same temperature profile as the first original one in the reflow oven? Note that in the rework process I use only Flux paste (no solder paste is used). Hany

PBGA Rework Temperature Profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 20:29:59 EST 2002 | davef

Your PBGA rework temperature profile should be similar to the same temperature profile as the first original one in the reflow oven. Searching the fine SMTnet Archives gives almost 500 postings on BGA and rework*.

Press fit component rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 00:53:31 EST 2002 | YNgwie

How do we do press fit component rework ? I have connectors with 700 pins, and the rework part is a headache. What is the best method ? Thanks in advance.

Number of times reworking

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 19:25:47 EDT 2003 | bayanbaru

How many times can a populated board been reworked? What can go wrong (reliability) if the populated board is reworked more than 4 times?

BGA Rework Kit

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 10 21:55:57 EST 2004 | Dreamsniper

Has anybody here could provide me good infos regarding BGA rework Kits other than the Flextac Stencil. Also on what sort of fixtures and toolings they provide to help me align the rework stencil onto the BGA pads. Thanks in advance... Hi to Dave F.

Post- and pre-reflow rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 08:02:54 EST 2005 | Mike

Hi!! Where can I get information about Post- and pre-reflow rework? Some links, opinions?? Please Tell me? I would like to know too some methods and cost effective ways,that how we can rework repair printed boards? Thanks!!

Stacked BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 02:02:07 EDT 2005 | jackt

Has anyone experience with stacked BGA rework? If yes, appreciate you can share it with me. I 'm facing solder bridge after rework. thks...Jack.

BGA Underfill Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 07:53:24 EDT 2006 | RLM

This is true but even the so called reworkable underfill takes a lot of effort. We use a loctite reworkable that requires heat to soften the underfill. Once the component is removed we use acetone and a swab to scrub the pcb clean. This can be very t

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