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CP6 Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 20:53:38 EST 2006 | ____

You guys hurting for money again Bill or Rex? Stop advertising and share your knowledge if you have any on the subject at hand.

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 16:01:17 EDT 2003 | caldon

REX- Contact ACI 610-362-1200 x224. The contact person is Mr. Jeff Stong. They are cheap and will give you a report. www.aciusa.org jstong@aciusa.org There are some other labs that do this...but we use this one as it is close to us and they do a des

Dektec Soldering Gear

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 10:26:44 EDT 2005 | Allen

The reality of China is way greater than anyone in high government is admitting. As the purchasing power increases the ROW diminishes and the supply and demand economic cost bases takes on a life of its own. Technologically they become exposed earlie

Re:X Y Correction at High Speed at +/- .002

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 28 12:34:50 EST 1998 | Jon Medernach

Inorder to pick up 0402's RELIABLY correction is required in X & Y axis. Their are Chip Shooter that do this, (KME Create, and Sanyo) You can also place at +/- .002" at 43K cph with a Chip Shooter Bulk feeding is also desirable. It is not only the

PCB\PWB Silkscreen Removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 21:08:13 EST 2001 | davef

Here ya go ... * K & F Electronics, 33041 Groesbeck Hwy, Fraser, MI, 48026-1514, 1-810-294-8720, 1-810-294-5999, circuits@ix.netcom.com, http://www.circuitboards.com, Richard Kincaid * Hallenbeck, Saturn Electronics [and] Engineering, Inc., 255 Rex


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