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SMT on rig-flex and multi-flex boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 24 20:55:45 EDT 2004 | christina

Dear Chris Thank you so much for the prompt reply and it really helps. Do you have any SMT experience for rig-flex boards? Can you share with me about the differences with that of rigid boards? Is there any special precaution needed? When you were d

Re: Urgent !! Need to set up incoming boards cleanliness spec

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 23:17:05 EDT 1998 | kallol Chakraborty

| | I need to set a cleanliness limit for our incoming boards. I know that some people use 14-10 microgr. sq. in. But how can I determine what is best for me. | | Can anybody tell me if there's a standard for this. | | Right now we are using an Alph

ENIG Thickness for Flex

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 13:07:12 EDT 2009 | RHK

Thank you! I am looking into this, but main idea is to use rigid board in place of flex.


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 12:56:02 EST 2022 | stephendo

Buy flex rigid boards from a board shop. Seriously I think the time is at the original fabrication of the board. AFAIK, they use sheets of FR4 bond the parts that will remain to the flex and cut away the rest. It would not surprise me if they use a

Rigid Flex Application

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 20:29:08 EDT 2006 | John S.

Our designers are working on a product that would require a board to be folded back on itself or joined to a daughter board with connectors. Rigid flex would work, but is too costly. I've seen applications of a rigid board being selectively soldere

Prototype SMT Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 09:05:52 EST 2015 | bandjwet

We are in need of a small SMT printer able to double sided boards with an emphasis on fast changeover and the ability to have board supports. Our typical lot size is 1-20 pieces of rigid boards with technologies down to 0.5mm pitch and 0201's.

rigid-Flex board via problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 14:17:07 EST 2012 | blnorman

How are the vias failing? Barrel crack?

rigid-Flex board via problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 12:06:12 EST 2012 | cobham1

The via's are cracking which then is causing all kinds of problems.

Dielectric values of materials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 12:57:47 EDT 2003 | davef

For rigid boards, look here: http://www.standardpc.com/ipc4101.htm Google ...ipc 4101... to fill-up your table.

Hot Bar Soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 17:20:17 EST 2008 | davef

We don't know dip a about rigid flex. Flexdude wrote "Hot-Bar Soldering, Attaching Flex Circuits Directly To Rigid Boards" [http://www.flexdude.com/Back%20Issues/FCN11-00A.PDF ]. It may help you get started while waiting for others reply. We have n

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