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CM in Brazil

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 28 07:17:24 EDT 2002 | pierre

Dear Sir , We have a small smt facility available in rio de janeiro , please contact : JM GRANATO Gen mngr imbelfmce1@ime.eb.br Jean Pierre de jonghe IMBEL FMCE

Genrad 2275

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 11:20:29 EDT 2001 | chugarth

Can anyone out there tell me where I might find some application support for a 2275 Genrad. I am in desperate need of someone to show us how to basiclly startup this tester. I am located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Any Information would

P&P Support - CSM 84 V

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 20:41:38 EDT 2023 | davef

I received the following ... Boa tarde. Sou o Cap Marcelo da IMBEL FMCE e necessito informação, se possível, de empresa autorizada a fornecer a manutenção corretiva da Pick and Place CSM 84 V III, no Rio de Janeiro ou outro estado do Brasil. Atencios


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