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RJ 45 RLC parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 03:49:19 EST 2007 | cobrasv

Friends, Need some help here. Can anyone gimme any info about single line model RLC parameters of an RJ45 connector.

RJ45 1X4 Way Connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 01:59:43 EST 2015 | vb7007

Travel Direction Similar Part : http://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/rj45-connectors/8208205/ And we are getting Solder short on every PCB and also additionally Dry joints (leads) on some. Played with Flux adjustments and also Parameter settings for wave,

RJ45 Connector short issue after wave

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 07 04:01:56 EDT 2008 | carmanah

Hi all, Need advice how to fix RJ45 short issue after wave solder m/c .Few actions taken to resolve this issue but the outcome was inclusive which was 1. Modify wave pallet 2. Change conveyor setting from 0.8meter/minute to 0.7 meter/minute 3. Clear

RJ45 Connector short issue after wave

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 07 09:13:18 EDT 2008 | beatrice889

You even try out control/cut the connector lead length & turn the wave pallet loading direction?

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 11:26:56 EDT 2012 | rway

Lead spacing is probably an issue here. It would be better if your lead pattern was staggered, like the RJ-45 to the right. It appears there may not be enough flux on this part of the pcb.

RJ45 1X4 Way Connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 11:56:32 EST 2015 | allwave

What kind of flux are using? What is your conveyor speed? What is the solder pot temp? Thanks, George

RJ45 1X4 Way Connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 03:38:58 EST 2015 | vb7007

Hi Kester 979. (No clean flux) Solder pot temp - 280 Conveyor speed - tried (1-2M) but same Thanks

OS/2 Warp GSM not playing nice with the network

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 13:37:44 EDT 2009 | thenrz

Hello, Has anyone had luck with getting a GSM 1 machine talking on a windows network? We are looking to do backups every so often. We purchased a 10base-2 to 10base-T converter and it talks to the rj-45 Windows end, but there is no communication

Conformal coating requirement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 00:08:32 EDT 2015 | acepa

Hi, I need a recommendation for a manufacturer on a reasonable cost conformal coating (silicone or other). This is a US domestic appliance PCB 9 volts only that must be dipped. Silicone or other could be unused. There is a standard RJ45 socket I wher

Koh young AOI problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 08:55:45 EDT 2021 | manaik

Hello, We have purchased used Koh Young AOI, the setup does not let us through when you start MCS on start, it says RJ45 connector is out, which is not. delta tau clipper conntroller. The swithc on INIT must be ON or OFF? Do the lights work even wi

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