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cellular phone assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 04:11:13 EDT 2004 | rob

Hi Chics, It all depends on where you are in the world - in Europe robots were used back end (Ericsson), and usually Fujis front end (Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson). In China you're obviously not going to need the Robots.... Cheers, Rob.

LED on the board

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 05:22:00 EDT 2012 | rob

Hi George, The extra pad is just for mechanical strength, it's not connected. As the Liteon LED is just a side view & nothing special you may get lucky and find that a someone like Rohm, Avago or Osram make something without the centre pad that stil

VisionMaster 3D SPI

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 07:33:45 EDT 2014 | rob

Hi all, Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with VisionMaster 3D SPI? Thanks, Rob.

high-frequency PCB circuit design

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 06:23:56 EST 2017 | rob

Hi Westen, Yes, lots of things cause problems on an physical PCB compared to a simulated PCB. Noise, special laminates, harmonics etc. This is a good starting point: http://www.ti.com/lit/ml/slyp173/slyp173.pdf Rob.

measument of paste thickness after Screen Printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 09:53:37 EDT 2004 | rob

Hi Dhanashekar, I'm with Chris on this one, unless you are carrying out 0201 or ultra fine pitch placement it's a helpful but not critical tool. We found most print errors were avoided using the 2D vision on the printer, combined with plenty of aut

Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 21 05:28:37 EDT 2014 | rob

Hi Emanuel, Chingyi do quite a wide selection of rubber tipped nozzles http://www.chingyi.com.sg/solutions_smt.php If you are in Europe, then Wilfred @ Europe-SMT knows these machines better than most: http://www.europe-smt.com/ Our personal favo

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 08:59:24 EST 2017 | rob

Hi Joshua, We ran 150K per week this way, you just need a lot of pallets. Regarding dispensing I've seen 0201 (Imperial)paste dispensed, so about 0.4ish mm dots. I'm sure the Mydata printer is also pretty high resolution too, but not too quick.

Heller Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 03:54:30 EST 2017 | rob

Hi Ivam, 1) for the not working motor, can you swap it with another from the cooling zone to see if it is the motor or motor control? 2)You are not getting bleed through from one zone to another are you? Can you list by zone what exact SP you have

JUKI vs UIC Pick N Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 08:45:30 EDT 2018 | rob

Hi Reckless, No, I don't think it's a $1K job, just for the hours needed. You still need to learn the absolute basics, such as navigating the menus, creating a program, nozzle changing, identifying parts with the laser and camera, Pick timers, z hei

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 07:11:39 EDT 2018 | rob

Just depends on who is local to you support wise then, as at your end of the market you want a good machine with cheap training & support Something like: DEK248 or 260 for printing $2K Philips Topaz or Mydata MY9 $5-10K (Mydata's are really easy to

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