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Salary Ranges

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 12:38:12 EST 2008 | slthomas

"They ended up hiring a guy for the going rate around town so they shot themselves in the foot." Well, except that now they have a happy employee and before they didn't. Not criticising, just pointing out a different perspective. Sometimes they'll p

CP6 Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 06:39:56 EST 2006 | dougs

It's been a few years since i worked on a CP machine but your st17 & 19 errors are probably down to grease in the clutches at the top of the shafts, if too much grease is put onto the turret gear during maintenance it tends to spray into these clutch

Re: BGA faults

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 08:44:14 EDT 2000 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi Jaqueline, my first thought goes into the same direction, twist or warp (either the board or the BGA itself). I don�t know the SRT equipment. I�ve noticed with our equipment using a spot underheat element caused some warpage of the PCB making it

CP6 Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 05:53:23 EST 2006 | dougs

i think it's more likely to be greasy/dirty shaft clutches, stand at the front of the machine and use the cam handle to turn the cam, while your doing this push up gently on the black top section of the shaft and try to turn the shaft, it shouldn't r

Aid and Guidance For Ben et al

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 07:25:47 EDT 1998 | Scott Davies

This really should not constitute verbal abuse; it is simply what has happened. Alphametals lied to me. They said hey, we're going to give you a great deal on all those frames you're not using for the MPM printer, just send them on in. Well, UPS cha


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 18:01:27 EDT 2013 | huske

I've had that issue before, here's how you fix it, or at least it worked for me. Also assuming you didn't destroy a shaft, which should be obvious. Follow the flexible vacuum tubes to the top of the hydra shafts, you should see a red light below the


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