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RoHS Compliant Materials

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 20:20:54 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi, I was informed that our supplier of PWB's will start using RoHS compliant Materials but will still support HASL. And these are the materials that they will use: Standard FR-406-408 High Temp - polyimide, cyanate ester High Temp - Roger's, Teflo

Non-Rohs PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 03:52:14 EDT 2006 | aj

Hi All, this has not happened but I would like to know what the possible effects would be if we ran a non-rohs pcb (hasl) thru a leadfree Process. We have a customer who cannot confirm if the board is rohs compliant or not and we are waiting on con

HASL Life Span/Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 15:45:35 EDT 2009 | boardhouse

Hi Ryan, Standard shelf life for FR4 Non-RoHs & Rohs material with HASL or Lead Free HASL would be 12 months + in a controlled environment. on all RoHs materials over 6 months, we would suggest your board shop run a solder ability test before ship

What do you do ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 09:13:09 EDT 2006 | Steve

As Russ said, you aren't responsible for your customers product being ROHS if they didn't request it be built as such. As a CM we build what the customer requests. If they request a ROHS board and supply us with a ROHS bom, but ask for a HASL board,

soldering ROHS boards with sn/pb components

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 07:13:05 EDT 2008 | eyalg

I need to solder SAC/HASL PC boards in a NON ROHS process (Tin Leaded solder paste and profile + Tin leaded components) Can I do that?? Regards, Eyal

Non-Rohs PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 09:43:14 EDT 2006 | C.K.

So, your scenario is: * Lead Free Solder Paste * Lead Free Reflow Profile * RoHS Components * Non-RoHS (Sn-Pb HASL plated)PCB If that's the case, you should be just fine running your Lead-Free process. There is literature on the topic of lead

What do you do ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 05:11:29 EDT 2006 | ?

All, We are a contract manuf. for electronics. Since changeover to RoHS we still have customers due to one thing or the other telling us to run Non-RoHS. They are not exempt. What do we do ? do we tell them that we are not running their boards and

QFP Shifting / Solderability Issue

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 02 08:47:25 EDT 2007 | mika

I almost forgot; If the pcb have HASL (Non RoHS) surface finish, then big fine pitch QFP:s could be shifted during reflow, beacuse of the un-even pad-surface... We have been trough that scenario also... But step No.1 is to make sure that the componen

electrically conductive adhesives

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 10:34:02 EST 2005 | Rob

Thanks Dave, From what I remember a lot of components went away from Silver Palladium to "base metal" terminations because of the difficulties in continuation of supply & stability of price. (Something about being mined in Chechnia or the Congo?) W

63/37 HASL Finish / RoHS Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 11:48:03 EDT 2016 | dontfeedphils

Hi, we're currently running a design with a fairly simple BGA. The problem we're running into is poor solderability (cold looking joints, high voiding in the BGA). All of this on a know good oven, with a known good thermal profile. I'm guessing it

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