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Low ROL (Risidual Oxygen Level) Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 07 21:40:14 EST 1999 | Chris

I am looking for an inertable reflow oven which will produce ROLs of less than 10 ppm. My current reflow oven will reduce oxygen levels to 10 ppm but only when using excessive nitrogen gas (4000 scfh). In reality less gas flow may reduce oxygen lev

Mixing no-clean solder with activated

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 12:42:20 EDT 2001 | genny

OK, to reopen this and muddy the water a little more, What is the difference between REL0 and ROL0 solder. The solder paste that more than one of our suppliers is using is AIM293+ - this is REL0 The no-clean solder wire we use in house is ROL0, mad

Flux Classifications.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 12:00:56 EST 2004 | tryn

I am looking at two different type fluxes, Kester 951nc and AIM 264-5nc. The two seem to be comparable, but the Kester is listed as an ORL0 and the AIM as a ROL0. My product builds are all military and I have been dictated to use only ROl0 flux. I kn

Soldering Issue in Sensor component

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 14:22:00 EST 2019 | ameenullakhan

Hi , Thanks..., Its "not wetting the pads sufficiently" We have tried with RTS , Our paste is ROL0 based chemistry. Which solder have you changed. Regards, Ameen

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 09:13:10 EDT 2007 | gsala

Tnks Davef, be patient pls, what does it exactely mean? That one of the two, in case of cleaning needs the flux residues are more difficult to remove for one of the two fluxes ? i.e. NC wire fluxed by ROL0 compared to fluxed REL0, in terms of so

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 16:30:45 EDT 2007 | gsala

Thank Patrick for your infos. Seen that youa are an expett, when you'll have time, pls, tell me some thing about ORL0 (always in wire for L-F manual solder) compared to ROL0 and REL0 earlier already explained me. Rgrds....GSx PS:my target is to le

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 12:59:16 EDT 2009 | realchunks

I have run design of experiments on screen printers and most times people forget about the type of board you are running; the condition of the board; manufacturer of the paste as I have seen Type 4 no-clean no-lead pastes react very differently using

Type 3 Solder Print/Squeegee Speed

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 15:27:50 EST 2014 | tombstonesmt

Good afternoon! Looking to see what everyone else in the industry is running for print speeds regarding type 3 solder pastes. Our paste is a type 3 with 11.5% ROL0 flux content. The finest pitch component in our case is .5mm pitch. Our screen print

Seeking very low volume production reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 16:58:37 EDT 2006 | flipit

The best small reflow oven that I have ever used is the Sikama brand. Unfortunately they are not inexpensive and you will pay almost as much as you would for a full size reflow oven. Interestingly this is the oven I qualified for lead free and othe

blowholes in SMT process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 05:07:16 EDT 2009 | rocko

Hi All, I was puzzled because of terrible blowholes in solder joints of gold plated odd-form components. I am very confused because all other components on the boards have perfect solder joints. Here are some process details: 1) Solder paste: N

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