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Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 12:15:10 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Richard, With respect to the Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) test, the test solution is exceptionally aggressive. With the Zero-Ion for example, the test solution�s resistivity is 150 M-Ohms. Additionally, because test solution is made up of

Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 12:12:22 EST 2003 | richard

Good day and thanks for your comments Mike, What did I understood from your notes� 1) ROSE test (�extracting solution�) is probably good enough (with good equipment) to penetrate the space under my micro BGA. 2) I should test 2 parallel batches of

Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 19:17:12 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Hi Richard My experience with R.O.S.E. testers has been positive with regard to detecting ionic contamination (even exceptionally low levels). As previously mentioned, a good R.O.S.E tester will be able to detect minuet levels of ionic contaminatio

Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 11:35:30 EST 2003 | Richard

Cleanliness test � �Area Grid Arrays�. Evaluation of residues� resistivity in a specific location on the board. (As compared to �Solvent Extract� evaluation.) We are: SMT assembly, using standard �water soluble� process with micro BGAs (example: C

dynamic/static contamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 17:15:48 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Asoe, The systems you are describing are Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) Testers. These systems are available using one of two technologies, Static or Dynamic. Both systems use a calibrated test solution comprised of IPA and DI water. The t

Looking for ionic contamination test lab in Taiwan

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 21:06:07 EST 2009 | shan

I'm looking for test labs in Taiwan that are capable of performing ionic contamination testing on small to medium sized SMT boards. I'm interested in both ion chromatography and ROSE test methodologies. Is anyone aware of any labs performing contami

ROSE testing pass / fail

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 22 02:51:25 EST 2022 | davef

The industry standard for Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) Testing analysis is IPC-TM-650 Method 2.3.25 – Detection and Measurement of Ionizable Surface Contaminants by Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE).

ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 11:36:27 EDT 2019 | bulur

How does no-clean flux residues on a PCB assembly impact the ROSE testing? Does no-clean flux residues on the PCBA dissolve in solution of ROSE tester and increase ionic contaminants level in terms of NaCl per surface area? Is ROSE tester solution (a

ROSE testing pass / fail

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 21 20:15:49 EST 2022 | arminski

since IPC-J-STD-001 RevH obsoleted the 1.56ug/cm2 UCL of ionic contamination tester in testing using ROSE test, how do you define the acceptable limit per PCB assembly? thanks

ROSE Test Instruments

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 20:28:02 EST 2004 | Dreamsniper

Hi, Is there a standard expiry date for a ROSE Test Instrument Like Ionographs, Omega Meters, Zero-Ion etc.? How can I verify if my OmegaMeter 500 which is almost 20 years old is providing me reliable data during testing? Note that the equipment is

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