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Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 03 02:13:01 EDT 2004 | yukim

The manufacturer says that since this solder paste has synthetic flux (not natural rosin) it is sensible to humidity. Worked with reflow profiles, but no remarkable improvements. We are changing solder paste every 2 hours.

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 28 08:58:10 EST 1999 | Peet

| | i am working with the noclean process and getting white residues on the bottomside of the board probably due to the | | wave soldering flux.i am using a no-clean solder paste and a noclean wave solder flux.The boards passed the accelerated tempe

Re: wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 22:02:48 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Jason: Wave soldering is the coolest thing!!!! First, so, what�s the chemical analysis of this white res? Can you point us to either tin, rosin, or something else? Second, how do you know that you are making these white residues? Could your boar

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 29 05:14:06 EST 1999 | Graham Naisbitt

Hi guys, I really am at a loss to understand this one. It would appear that there may be some reaction between the flux and the resist? Or maybe you have an OSP on the board that is reacting during soldering? As a fast fix, maybe you should try a

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 12:52:21 EST 1999 | Dick Casagrande

|I'm getting in a little late on this but my 2 cents is: We have been using no-clean flux for a few years now but up till last month were still cleaning (the white residue) our boards (all thru hole). Finally did some investigation and found the flux


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