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Phoenix x-ray doesn't run

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 21 08:01:44 EST 2016 | edgard_franca

Hello everybody, The company that I work bought a second hand Phoenix X-Ray model PCBA 100. We installed the equipament and waited about 4 hours for warm the x-ray tube, after that time was generated the image. I turned off correctly the machine bu

Reflow time

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 10:45:41 EST 2005 | campos

Hi,, My doubt is regarding to the Reflow Time, I mean, in a 5 or 7 zones oves, how long the board should stay inside the oven to complete the soldering cycle? 4 min, more, less...Should I keep low temp until peak for a long time or high temp in shor

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 13:06:49 EST 2006 | masrimhd

Hello, We�ve ordered the line machinery for our TV factory. It should be ready after two to three months. We will start producing Analog CRT TVs using single sided FR2 or CEM1, thru-hole components and tin-lead wave soldering process. Knowing that

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 14:06:51 EST 2006 | russ

You are pretty much on your own when selecting fluxes. search archives in forums and see what everyone else is using and doing. Whoever you purchased the wave from should be installing this machine, certifying it, and providing training for your

Change-over time savers.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 09:11:35 EDT 2007 | jola

Hi. We have changed our produktion from high volume to medium/low and have to start hunting change-over time. We have a lot of products with two sides and the settings of pins in the DEK 265 and Fuji QP242 machines when running b-side takes to long t

Re: idle machine time

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 06 00:21:18 EDT 2000 | Dean

...reminds me of the harley davidson saying...If you had to ask you wouldn't understand. 1. Run capability study. 2. Verify calibration 3. Bring Sales / Marketing onto Mfg. floor and embarass them into oblivion. (I would choose #3 as the first pr

Industry time standards

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 19:27:50 EDT 2004 | debh

Are industry time standards based on actual time...or money? From a start to stop time on a multi-machine SMT line our time is well below standard. (Our company uses industry standard (I'm told) based on .09 sec. per placement.) However each pick an

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 06:11:24 EDT 2004 | Rob

Hi Peter, We're typically seeing 60% on the average subcontract job, but on high volume, high density & well laid out boards we are seeing up to 95% on our chipshooters. The things that usually kill the speed for us are: multiple circuit panels (3

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 19:35:48 EDT 2004 | russ

This is highly dependent upon your board, vision inspection, part rotation, part type, layout, number of P/Ns per (1 pers or 100 pers) feeder layout, optimization, nozzle changes, etc... all have significant impact on placement speed. I find if you

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 04:00:22 EDT 2004 | rlackey

Hi Peter, You certainly have a selection of kit. We use 2 CP6's & 2 GSMs per line, and that balances pretty well (sometimes one of the fuji's is idle though - but we can live with that). When we had S20's we found 2 of them roughly kept up with a

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