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Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 09 07:31:11 EDT 2014 | max83

Sorry, Tell me please. YM84 S2 is this CSM84 Philips or am I mistake?

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 24 22:24:42 EDT 2014 | darby


Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 06:01:04 EST 2015 | ermani9

Hi.. Max, It is Yamaha machine.

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 03:48:03 EDT 2015 | tsvetan

yes, Philips use Yamaha mechanics for CSM84 and we have three such for sale

Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 06:48:55 EDT 2015 | tercel

Thank you for the fast response and help! Machine runs fine again!

EKRA E1 "Referencing in progress" too long

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 01:29:20 EDT 2021 | korrapat905

Ok, now we found the problem source. IM-556; panel control was damaged that cuase no supply voltage out to reference sensor, S2/S2.1 I would to share, thank you.

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 12 11:46:50 EST 2017 | emeto

Single feeders will always be your top choice. Any kind of package feeders will create issues in future. I used to have them in 10s, 8ths, 6es, 3s, 2s and the more they are the worst.

Universal conveyor

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 07:42:53 EDT 2012 | leemeyer

I just purchased a used Universal Instruments Boardflo conveyor model 5363. It looked like it would be perfect to connect 2 of my Quad 4c machines in line. it came with a SMPI to Smema converter box. I connected the box S1PL and S2PL to what I beleiv

Service manual CSM84 PA130400

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 31 08:02:34 EST 2015 | ermani9

Hi.. Can you please upload this manual again and share the link? I have Yamaha YM84-S2 machine. I hope that CSM84S would be almost same. Thnaks in advance.

In AOI, 3D v.s. 2D imaging?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 09:36:11 EDT 2001 | marys

In AOI, what advantages does 3D imaging have over 2D imaging?

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