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How to calculate the line capacity

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 03 18:57:39 EST 2006 | bayanbaru

I am task to make productivity improvement for production. The line configuration is as follow: MPM Printer/S20/S20/S20/S20/GSM/GSM/MVT/BTU How to calculate the capacity of the above configuration? What factors do I need to consider?

Siemens S20's

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 10 22:01:32 EST 2023 | mnorthey

I'm looking for Siemens S-20 owners. Please message if interested.

Siemens S20's

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 11 09:52:26 EST 2023 | micropak

I own S20.

Siemens S20's

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 14 17:52:58 EST 2023 | mnorthey

We have 3 S20's and an F4 and about 150 Hover Davis Feeders. Is there anything you might need to keep your machines operational? We are looking to sell all of the machines.

Siemens 80s20 throughput !!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 03:43:43 EST 2000 | Zhang JianJun

Hi all I need help on Siemens 80s20. Who understand that what's the average throughput level of 80s20 machine (placement per hour), and how to achieve it. According to vendor spec. it is about 20K placement per hour but we just got about 13k placeme

LOOKING FOR TUTOR: Seica S20 pilot flying probe tester

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 16:30:48 EDT 2016 | proy

We have been studying and learing how to work with an older Seica Pilot (S20 software) flying probe tester. A third party company has been very helpful but they are not that familiar with the S20 software. Looking for someone with knowledge of the S2

Feeder Protection Plates on Siplace S20

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 09:47:29 EDT 2002 | ghenning

Has anyone out there installed these devices on an S20 or had a head crash without them? Are they worth the investment to safeguard the machine? Is there another solution that one might consider?

Cutter motor

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 15:09:24 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Anybody have any idea where to get the cutter motor for siplace 80-S20 with reasonable price? I am also looking for S20 head board, and a Y-axis motor. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

SMT Machine Model: Siplace 80 S20

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 06:01:04 EDT 2022 | tip666

Good Morning, We are using SMT PICK & Place Machine, Siplace 80 S20 and Siplace 80 F4. We need their maintenance to make them Functional. Can Anybody guide me to get help. Thanks Abdul Jabbar

Siemens S20 Hang Issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 06:34:53 EDT 1999 | Bach Huss

Hi All, I am running 19 Siemens S20 Machine here. I found out that the Siemens Machine once a while hangs. The remedy is reboot the machine. I wonder what is the machine hang rate for other S20 machine else where. Can anyone give me any suggestion

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