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Post Reflow changes To Silver Immersion Copper Traces On PWB

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 16 07:21:17 EST 2019 | SMTA-Joe

I am experiencing a "tarnishing" issue on PWB traces that may be causing problems with component reflow. The PWB traces are made to the following spec: SOLDER MASK OVER BARE COPPPER WITH SILVER IMMERSION PLATING PER IPC4553, PLATING TO BE 8-12 MIC

Low Flux Residue Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 09:28:30 EDT 2006 | cuculi54986@yahoo.com

We evaluated four SAC305 pastes. Of the four, we found Alpha OM-338 to appear to have the least flux residue. We also found it to be the most dull, least shiny, most non-SnPb looking of the four.

SAC305 preforms not wetting to ENIG pad in fluxless process

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 17:09:05 EDT 2021 | kwalker

Sounds like you are getting oxidation of the nickel under the gold layer. If the gold is porous it will allow the nickel underneath to oxidize, which is the dark dull layer you are seeing, and why when you apply flux it solders just fine - the flux i

SAC305 preforms not wetting to ENIG pad in fluxless process

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 11:41:18 EDT 2021 | jeremy_leaf

I have a SAC305 preform with which I am attempting to bond a gold coated component to an ENIG coated PCB pad. I've specified 2 microinches of gold for the ENIG. It worked previously but now with a new batch of boards, I am having an issue where the p

Lead free Solder Paste troubles !!!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 11:56:30 EDT 2004 | rkevin

We are printing on an assembly using SAC305 Alloy Sn96.5 Ag 3 Cu .5 with a no clean flux and getting virtually NO spread with either a ramp to spike or straight ramp profile. We are printing to standard FR4 board with immersion Ag finish. I am trying

SAC305 preforms not wetting to ENIG pad in fluxless process

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 19:47:13 EDT 2021 | solderingpro

Sounds like you may have already found the issue: inconsistency from your supplier. Seeing as Gold really doesnt oxidize and you're using an inert environment (N2 I suspect), I would turn my attention to the supplier. You said yourself, the "Shine

Lead free profile

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 17:14:39 EST 2005 | jbrower

Today, I have just finished evaluating Kester's EM907 (SAC305)lead free solder paste and found that for our applications it performs as expected. End result that I am encouraged with the results that we got. The equipment that I used: An SMT2020 to


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