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Solder pot & wire tinning help

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 02 11:15:23 EST 2020 | slthomas

You'll want to chop your solder into "bite sized" pieces for your pot, by the way. A bolt cutter or a band saw are a couple of ways to do it without ruining other precision tools. It's up to you for the alloy you use, but there are several (some

Pb-Free wave Soldering - With or Without N2 ?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 17 16:34:25 EDT 2004 | pjc

I am an equip mfrs rep. I took a customer to my wave solder principal's factory to run their boards on a wave with no-Pb alloy, (Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu0.5) in air environment. The results were excellent with pot temp of 263C (505F). Their boards are low to

Answer Depends On ...

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 15:22:29 EST 2013 | davef

You're trying to balance the 'cost' of changing the alloy in your solder pot with risk of running a continually unknown and constantly changing alloy. I can't tell you what's best, because that depend on your situation. Some thoughts on changing the


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