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Stencil foil life span

Jan 15, 2020 | At least there are method on detection of stencil replacement before it really fail which can safe l

LED lifted soldering defect

Dec 24, 2019 | Hmm OK. Even a NASA article describes that rosin is safe not being cleaned lol.

Step-up stencil: recommendation thickness

May 22, 2019 | Greg, this is a huge pitch. 0.16mm is safe for this size of part.

PCB ESD discharge

Jul 5, 2016 | Depending on the Capacitors I will wait at least 15 seconds to be safe.

Juki Laser Alignment

May 15, 2013 | Absolutely! I would say go even 0.5 to be safe.

PCB Surface Cleaner

Dec 27, 2011 |

ESD safe wash basket liner/cover

Feb 11, 2010 | I am having some trouble finding an ESD safe wash basket liner. The trouble isn't finding someone wh

Canned Air

Feb 3, 2010 | The most telling response is: Techspray doesn't include "Duster" on its list of ESD safe products.

ESD Safe Totes DIY

Sep 18, 2009 |

ESD Safe Totes DIY

Sep 14, 2009 | I am looking for alternative, low cost materials to build ESD Safe Totes from. Standard totes really

jedec tray tape

Jul 7, 2009 |

Electronics recycling

Feb 17, 2009 |

MSL/MSD Tracking

Sep 3, 2008 |

Need a non-static generating adhesive transfer material

Mar 27, 2008 | (or just some static-safe foam tape) I need to seal a wire terminal block to a board for conform

wearing of cotton gloves in production

Apr 7, 2006 | Consider using 100% nitrile gloves or finger cots. They are ESD safe and will not break out the skin

I need help with this question

Mar 8, 2006 | "Smaller" and "cheaper" are pretty safe bets regardless of what year it is.

wave solder pallets

Feb 23, 2006 | I thought durastone was not ESD safe?

Dry Box Storage

Jan 17, 2006 |

ESD question

Dec 12, 2005 |

ESD question

Jul 15, 2005 | There are ESD safe trashcans and ESD safe trashbags on the market. If anyone has an interest, please

Stencil thickness

Jun 9, 2005 | I don't think durastone is ESD safe.

PTH Solder Short

Apr 4, 2005 | It depends on the component and the land, but 0.1 inch is safe.

Granite Surface and ESD

Mar 28, 2005 | Has it been established the surface is not safe?

Handskin reaction!!

Mar 3, 2005 | You might want to try 100% nitrile gloves. They are ESD safe and will not irritate the skin like lat

Drinking Water In Production

Feb 8, 2005 | Alllowable water on the floor with ESD safe containers.

Storage Conditions for Finished Goods

Jan 17, 2005 | Please email me about your concerns for safe storage conditions for finished products.I have a resou

smt trays

Jan 3, 2005 |

Mesh for board washer baskets

Jun 30, 2004 | Yes the Plastisol is ESD Safe. Make sure when ordering you specify black esd safe plastisol. We prob

Mesh for board washer baskets

Jun 29, 2004 | ESD SAFE?


May 21, 2004 | Rob- Is it safe to asume this is a flat belt conveyor? or an edge belt? I can talk to your contact

ESD Material

Apr 20, 2004 | I use ESD Safe Document Protectors by Desco Ind. They are carried in the Contact East Catalog.

ESD Material

Apr 19, 2004 |

ESD Material

Apr 19, 2004 |

ESD vacuum clearer

Feb 23, 2004 |

ESD vacuum clearer

Feb 18, 2004 | Check out Data-VAc also known as Metro Vac. Also 3m does offer a vacuumthat is esd safe. Prices rang

Packaging for WIP PCB

Jul 1, 2003 | Can anyone advise whether it is fine to use "stretch film" to shrink wrap ESD-safe box that contains

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