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Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 14:17:50 EST 2008 | muse95

I am not disputing that cotton gloves are a good idea. They can help protect a lot of parts and surfaces (if the gloves are kept in good clean condition, that is, but that is a whole 'nother thread topic). The fact of the matter is though, paper w

Where's The Drill? ... or responsibility

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 21:46:04 EST 2001 | davef

GET ANSWER? Shore. Tks t'all. DA DRILL? Naw, never found it. I worked at this plant down in Arkansas, where we cooked dirt. [Got it so hot, it glowed orange.] Virtually everyone in the plant had a wauky taukie. About half of the 2-ways would g

3 x BGA reflow or placing BGA with repair station?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 09:55:51 EDT 2006 | borgie

Hi. I have product in lead containing process that consist lead free BGAs and also big ceramic BGAs with high temperature bumbs. Pcb tends to bow in a reflow profile, since I need long preheating times and relatively high peak temperature to melt BG


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