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AOI, Questions that never die !

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 22 16:51:36 EDT 2008 | inge_fi

I had some trials with AOI machines, most I saw Yestech and Saki desktop machines. For the software interface I much prefer Yestech which is very easy to use. But honestly for faults foundings and flexibility Saki is much better, the only thing is th


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 20:16:09 EDT 2015 | nhel_0009

We're having a problem in our saki aoi machine which is corrupted..is there anyone who can provide a ghost backup for saki bf1 frontier. Or drivers needed if ever we reintall its operating system.


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 00:55:02 EDT 2015 | edriansyah

Hi nhel, if you're talking about software back up. it's quite easy. normally when you're system are set by the SAKI tech, they will create a back up of the saki software. this is their standart procedure. mine were located on the My document. he put


Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 08:37:07 EDT 2006 | sant

Hi Kindly have a look into the SAKI's benchtop system. I have not used it.But seen the demo. Different technology.Pretty fast and accurate. Definitley would go with them , when we plan. I would also ask others, if they can provide their opinion on

Saki programing discussion

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 08:06:37 EST 2010 | patejl

This thread will be dedicated as a place where Saki owners can discuss their programming tips, tricks and techniques. Hope there is someone who has any experience with these.

Saki programing discussion

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 11:32:58 EST 2010 | kevslatvin

We have a Saki bench top machine. Not sure if I would be much help as I haven't done much programing on it for about a year now. I handed it off to someone else and only get involved if there is a problem.


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 01:21:36 EDT 2015 | akon63

HII all Thanks for this post I have a SAKI AOI MACHINE But it is old . this is not properly work . I Don't known what is problem in it .

SAKI AOI manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 03:14:16 EDT 2018 | jacson_vu

Hi Everyone, Do you have manual of SAKI AOI BF-3Di Series ? Please send to my email if you have it. vuvancuong1810@gmail.com Thanks


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 01:40:38 EDT 2019 | rob

Is there a Saki conversion tool to help you re-use your 2D programs as part of a 3D program? If you have many programs this should be a big consideration.


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 30 09:05:00 EST 2022 | dimamalin

Good afternoon everyone. Question to AOI Saki BF2 users: What algorithm do we use to check soldering around test pins or antennas? Thanks in advance.

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