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Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 08:37:07 EDT 2006 | sant

Hi Kindly have a look into the SAKI's benchtop system. I have not used it.But seen the demo. Different technology.Pretty fast and accurate. Definitley would go with them , when we plan. I would also ask others, if they can provide their opinion on


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 14:58:52 EST 2007 | jhaviland

Another question. Did you also use the table Mirtec provides for the desktop models? They work horribly on even a slightly unstable table, Which is what I have seen. Very outstanding machines but crippled by an employers choice of using a standa

AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 05:30:59 EDT 2010 | patejl

Hi We have a problem here in the company with AOI system, most of the problem is lifted lead on qfp components.We are using SAKI BF-planet-x. Most of the defects like mising components 603 or 402 are no problem but if it comes to lifted lead even


Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 10:03:13 EDT 2006 | smteng0201

We heard about the Saki systems and did not receive positive feedback. They are quite fast but they miss a lot of easy defects; especially solder ones. Have you checked out a Mirtec system yet?

AOI Tabletop Suggestions

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 15:23:59 EDT 2008 | bwelch

Does anyone one have any recommendations on type of table top to use for "tabletop" AOI machines. Someone suggested to me of using slate table tops or heavy duty suface tops. Does anyone have any ideas?

Opinions about AOI Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 11:37:15 EST 2006 | Joe S.

I agree! We have a 2000 and 1000 table top.


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 15:27:17 EST 2005 | TM

Does anyone have any experience with a table top AOI? If so, how would you rate vs other options? Thanks

Who has best desktop AOI ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 07 17:40:25 EDT 2010 | jamyboy

Wondering who has the best Table Top AOI system these days? Looking for something that does it all SMT,THT,Solder joints.....whole 9 yards...Thank you.

AOI useage

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 04 07:40:49 EST 2011 | tony_d

Mike, Do yourself a favor and check out MIRTEC. As far as I am concerned, they have the best damn table top AOI on the market. There is so much information in this forum to support this claim. Just my two cents... Tony_D

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Electronics Forum | Sun May 12 09:17:48 EDT 2002 | Thomas Hodge

First of all are you looking for a inline or a table top unit. We paid 50k for a Testronics unit and it does ok but I feel like others and that is if you have the inspection & controls in place you should be able to build quality boards by controlli

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