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Zeva 460 for sale

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 09:44:06 EST 1998 | Steve Schrader

We have one Zevatech 460 with feeders for sale. If interested contact me, steve@patton.com

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 12:24:54 EST 2003 | frank

cookson has announced sale of speedline final

Equipment for Sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 22 07:51:26 EST 2006 | nemachines

Hi Could you give me some more info on your mydata sales@northeastmachines.com


Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 06:08:00 EDT 2019 | japinst

Hi. I have some feeders to sale. Are you still interested?

Position availiable for Furnace Sales [mainly American Made]

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 16:32:13 EST 2011 | kmadison

Looking for someone with a background in Furnace Sales i.e. a retired BTU, SierraTherm, RTC, WJ, you name it sales person. Part time - full time Must be able to cross reference all makes for best fit with customers profile requirements.

Where do you find SMT Programmers?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 16:47:38 EDT 2020 | stephendo

Ask your Fuji sales rep. And other sales people that you deal with. And if you are ever looking for a job ask them if they know who is hiring. Good sales reps keep their ear to the ground.

Tape and ReelFacility in Europe

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 18:05:08 EST 2002 | davef

Without a direct answer to your question, this may give you an angle on finding a supplier. Consider: * Contacting the sales-types for either tape and reel equipment or cover tape. * Asking the sales-type for contacts for service companies like you

Commercial Postings

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 21:12:08 EDT 2001 | davef

I am concerned that the increased number of commercial postings on SMTnet is degrading the technical content and diverting valid posters� attention from the proper exchange of information to non-value added ranting and finger pointing. In determinin

4 Sale: Manufacuring Techniques for Surface Mounted Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 17:58:30 EST 2004 | Kevin

I have a very good condition copy of Manufacturing Techniques for Surface Mounted Assemblies for sale. If you are interested send me an e-mail offer and I'll send it to you right away. It is presently on sale from SMTA for $200+ Forgive me if this

Adding items - For Sale

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 02:11:05 EDT 2000 | Barry Taylor

Even though I'm logged in and have so called admin rights I'm not able to complete the For Sale entry! It simply takes me back to the need to register. Any ideas?

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