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hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 05:02:01 EDT 2005 | Rob

Yes I can heartily reccommend them... as paperweights, conversation pieces, or antiques of the not too distant future.

hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 10:15:32 EDT 2005 | Sam Ho

Hello!Vera, How old are them? i knew the siemens machine is more expensive with the others.

hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 02:52:02 EDT 2005 | vera1001

hello sma: maybe you can try the Siemens HS-180s, SP-120s. haha! vera vera@comofaje.com

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 12:39:43 EDT 2003 | sam

Thank you Russ for your comment. This failure cause should have been confirmed as contaminated plating surface causing poor solderability and conductivity, according to all the testing and observations. The only question remaining to me is that why

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 21:48:43 EDT 2003 | sam

Dave, I believed you are really experienced in SMT soldering process. What I meant good connection, should really be "Visual check by naked eye OK". From your message, there are situation of "marginal solderability" that will lead to uncertainty

PCB board house manufacturers NORTHEAST

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 26 16:13:49 EST 2010 | sam

Hi, Here is a brief synopsis of PNC - PNC has been a quality manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards for 40 years. Located in Nutley, NJ, we are the largest shop in the North East. PNC provides complete turnkey jobs from design, PCB fabricatio

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 11:58:03 EDT 2003 | sam

When we try another test by using less solder paste, we found under the microscope that the solder was actually stick on the LED gold surface, but not having good wetting. By this finding, we can basically conclude that it was poor solderability caus

Pinhole Solder Joint Reliability

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 16 21:38:27 EDT 2003 | sam

I have done a DOE on the SMT components, not the BGA, for reducing void within the solder. The result did not help in the void reduction, but confirmed that the speed of the IR oven, solder paste thickness may be the important factors for the void.

ROI on AOI Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 21:08:17 EDT 2003 | sam

I have an experience about AOI that it is necessary in a complicated PCB. Due to the final circuit design, the concerned PCB were having nets on the boards, that the Open/Short could not be identified by traditional In-Circuit testers. Some long tr

Contract manufacturing Question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 12:55:41 EDT 2003 | sam

We are contract manufacturer for SMT and complete products. There were cases that we charge our customer for the set-up costs, mainly for some trial and evaluation work on our SMT line, especially when mass production order is not confirmed yet. F

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