Electronics Forum: samir

SPC for Wave solder (defects on PCB's)

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 15:39:38 EST 2006 | russ

Samir, how did you perform the Gage R&R on this equipment? What was your standard?

Re: What do you want to know about Trade Shows and Conferences?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 07:28:32 EST 1999 | Wayne Bracy

Cunli: Knowledge of upcoming shows is interesting to all of us. Including the major papers that will be presented, Vendors exhibiting, what to expect to see at the particular show, and website locations for vendors and show would be helpful. 1. Wh

How to choose a new solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 10:13:12 EDT 2011 | mbnetto

Thanks Davef. Did you already perform these tests? Tks

White Flux Stains - stubborn stains

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 07:48:18 EST 2002 | cnotebaert

Did you perform a cleanliness test on the boards? did it pass? if yes whats the issue? visual attributes like this will not effect form fit or function of the device. Finding this under 30X, wow, why 30X????

Solder joint strength

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 09:02:13 EST 2005 | Indy

chon, we do a similar kind of perpendicular test, but have not found any kind of specifications to determine if the force is good eoungh. Since you mentioned that 6 pound-inch was enough for your application, could you provide some insight on how

stencil printing SPC

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 18:32:46 EST 2005 | russ

what did your D.O.E. studies show you as the critical parameters? These are the ones that you need to measure. If you did not perform DOE than you probably should prior to putting an SPC chart out there. What type of measurement capabilities regar

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 11:21:26 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Question...when the machine said something was wrong, was it reading something wrong (false failure), or was there a true descrepancy but not one that resulted in a bad connection (bridge or insufficient)? Also, did you perform a DOE on the process


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 09 11:36:23 EST 2002 | gswable

Mike wrote : "Personally, I would not accept an incoming board that measures more than 0.5 �g/in of NaCl." Would your recommendation be valid for an IONOGRAPH tester ? Did you perform any reliability study that you can share that drove you your conc

Re: Cycle Alarm X-reach on CP6

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 09 03:05:14 EDT 2000 | Ben

Hi Hermie, Did you perform a Servo-zero-adjustment and Gain calibration on the amplifier after replaced it ? This is necessary fine turning when replacing the amplifier. You had better ask Fuji service center for the procedure. Hope this help you.

Wave Changeover-Hints -Tips?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 11:35:19 EDT 2006 | aj

Rob, How do you find the performance of the SACX ? Did you change the internal components of the Bath prior to changeover? aj...

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