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sampling scrap level on siplace

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 18:19:45 EDT 2005 | Dr. Klein

hello all. i would like to know a process for sampling scrap lever from siplace mechine (madamas prog). what is the everage scrap level? how many times should i sample scrap level during assembly? what are the steps operator should do for fixing hig

Surface appearance

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 20:14:50 EST 2006 | Joseph

Dear all, Recently our lead-free samples being rejected due to very dull and sometimes grainy and very porous surface on solder joints. This samples was flow thru' the lead-free wave soldering with SN100C alloy composition. Referring IPC-A-610 D, le

How do you do the 1st sample inspection?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 01:56:37 EDT 2018 | sophyluo1985

Hi All, Anyone want to talk about how do you did the 1st sample inspection in your SMT department? I mean once you want to produce a new product. After the material on board, and before mass production, we always need to do 1 or 2 sample to test if a

Measure humidity for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 14:49:15 EDT 2010 | davef

90%) from the sample, and the bake time and temperature specified herein are minimums. To improve test accuracy, or to prevent heat damage, other bake parameters may be AABUS. 2 Applicable Documents IPC-QL-653 Certification of Facilities that Inspect

inspection methods

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 11 15:43:41 EDT 1999 | wayne sanita

How are you inspecting pcbs post-reflow, are you inspecting all or sampling. The type of assembly involved would be mainly chip components with a mix of actives and a few 25mil and under pitch. If you sample what are your fault rates looking like. T


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 29 10:18:14 EDT 2005 | Just a Viewer

Hi, Wanna to know if you have extra boad (Solder Sample) and extra parts to waste ??? If so, place the parts in all different angle on your solder sample boards... see what going to happens ???

Sample preparation

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 19:22:44 EDT 2016 | szs0080

Hello, I did drop testing of some sample boards which had 15mm SAC105&305 BGA's on them. I polished them real nice and looked it under optical microscope for cracks. Was wondering the etching procedure before looking it under SEM. Thanks

Sample assembly notes

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 14:00:57 EDT 2022 | SMTA-64387182

I am looking for some sample assembly notes for a 2-sided PCBA IPC Class 2. Notes to put on my assembly drawing. Not the PCB fab drawing. Thanks, Joe

AOI inspection after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 10:09:03 EDT 2013 | markhoch

It sounds as if you have your AOI set up off-line, and you're "AOIing" a sampling of the PCBs produced. If that’s the case, then the responsibility of who drives the inspection really depends on how you configure it. If it's based on the number of P

Process Qualification

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 18:37:53 EDT 2001 | davef

OK. We have a new board with a BGA on it. When have a nice new Glenbrook xray inspection machine. Our troops are trained. Specifically, what are the steps we should use to qualify our BGA soldering process and how should be best use our new Glenb

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