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Samsung Chip Mounters Quality

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 13:13:02 EST 2009 | Everton Sanches

Hello everybody, I would like to know your opinions about Chip Mounters from Samsung. Eg: Models: CP45 , SM411 and SM421. If compared with Juki which its the best machine? Everton - BRAZIL


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 13:31:45 EST 2009 | evertonsanches

Hello everybody, I would like to know your opinions about Chip Mounters from Samsung. Eg: Models: CP45 , SM411 and SM421. If compared with Juki which its the best one machine? Everton - BRAZIL

Samsung CP45 File Save Issue

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 03:13:42 EDT 2015 | alexeis

Hi, As I heard, this problem exists on CP45 machines or older one. And, as I know, they fixed this in new version (SM310). Best Regards, Alexei

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 16:21:04 EST 2006 | robls

We are a contract manufacturer in South Africa and have been running with Samsung equipment since 1999. To date we have 8 machines running 18 hours a day and have had nothing but fantastic service from these machines. We started with the old CP30 mac

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 11:10:15 EDT 2018 | reckless

Would you prefer a Samsung CP machine over a Juki? I like the CPH figures of the SM machines and would think about buying one used once I am up and running 100%.

Samsung SM45FV NEO Z axis motor change

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 10:49:16 EST 2023 | dbrenkus

I have Korean CP45 service manual if you are interested.

Hanwha Samsung SM320 Failed to Start Mark5 SW - VME broken ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 11 17:53:14 EST 2023 | recard

Duro. I have the exact same problem on a CP45. Did you solve the problem? Thanks.

Need a new Pick/Place. Recommendations?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 25 21:34:19 EDT 2007 | darby

Samsung CP-50 should suit your requirements. All feeders from the Samsung range are compatible except the new SM320/321 series. Don't know about the financial side. I have never used this model but the people I know who have are happy with them. Migh

Samsung CP45 File Save Issue

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 06:07:47 EDT 2015 | buckcho

Hello, it is important to decide to work either with pcb or with opt files (we use only pcb), I dont recommend mixing them. When you open the pcb file, make changes, optimize it to opt file, then make save as.... and here is the trick I know - save t

Program Conversion

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 10:30:00 EDT 2017 | sambo

Hello, We currently have Samsung CP45FV and SM45IFC pick and place machines and are looking to invest in two new Fuji NXT III SMT lines. I'm looking for a conversion software that will convert our existing programs to Fuji format. Is there any softw

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