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samsung CP40CV installation software,

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 25 14:23:17 EST 2017 | robertorocco

This machine is OK. The price is 7000 euro with 10 feeders 8mm

samsung cp-45 and cp-60

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 23 05:21:09 EST 2016 | spectrumsmt

Hi Rick, we sell a very good after market recalibration jig which is available to calibrate most makes including Samsung. We also sell nozzles and feeders! Please get in touch or have a look at the website spectrumsmt.com All the best Ian

Tape covers on component reels sticking on samsung feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 18 23:29:02 EDT 2019 | SMTA-David

Hi, I have an older Samsung pick and place (CP-40LV model). During last few runs I have experienced several feeders with the clear plastic tape cover not peeling back to expose the next part. I manually pull back the tape and it runs for a while and

Samsung sitck feeder problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 13:04:09 EDT 2004 | dorklover664

The company that I work for just bought two new Samsung pick and place machines (CP45FV). I love them. But we are having problems with the vibe stick feeders that we have. They have no groves or slots for the parts so if the tubs move at all the pla

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:05:25 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

Flason SMT chip mounter Reflow Ovens: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/PCB-assembly-line-equipment-SMT-spare-parts-Dek-Motor-188962.html http://www.flason-smt.com/product/PCB-Conveyor-for-LED-Production-Line-SMT-Assembly-Line.html http://www.flason-

Samsung feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 10:55:07 EST 2009 | wolverine

Will Samsung CP45 feeders work on a CP40 machine? Thanks

Samsung feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 13:33:42 EST 2009 | mfoster

Yes, all CP feeders are compatible with all CP machines.

Samsung Feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 13:13:14 EDT 2004 | John S

Any one using samsung machines, CP40, CP50? I have a 24MM feeder that has 8MM pitch as lowest setting and I need to go to 4MM pitch. Any thoughts as to how I can achieve this? CP40/50 pushers are set for 1 push and higher. Thanks in advance

board schematics for Samsung CP30 to 33 / Quad QSA30

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 16:53:32 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I'm trying to diagnose a Quad QSA-30A machine that won't go ready. I have the machine technical drawings, they have overall machine schematics and cable wiring on most of the cables, but that's all. Does anyone have access to the schematics of the

Samsung CP45FV vs. Fuji CP6-42/IP3

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 09:57:56 EST 2005 | aj

Jason, I dont know anything about samsungs but in relation to CP6 I could not praise it enough. Totally reliable,as fast Industry requires, consistent,easily maintained,plenty of feeder locations ,very wide component placement capabilities...... aj

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