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Samsung SMT cp45fv neo program user manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 16:06:59 EST 2011 | nick79

Hi Everyone, I'm new here,does anyone have the samsung smt cp45fv neo user manual ? I'm new,and working with it now,please help. Thanks in advance.

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 10:54:18 EST 2014 | JB

Hello. Does anyone know how to add a different package to the Part Group on the Samsung CP45FV neo software? See picture. For example if we wanted a heading for Inductors, how do we add that? Thanks

Samsung CP45FV NEO Alarm in WIDTH axis

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 12 17:02:32 EDT 2019 | eurolan

Hello, our Samsung CP45FV NEO is suddenly throwing an [1002] ALARM occurred in WIDTH axis. I guess it has to do with the automatic conveyor width function. Anyone can help to solve this? Thanks!

New to SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 17:42:30 EDT 2008 | leosimoni

What do you about Samsung CP45FV NEO pick and place?

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 13:13:41 EST 2014 | kahrpr

Those would go under chip rectangle. That is just they do it.

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 06:41:05 EDT 2015 | recard

Thanks guys. We'll try that.

Samsung CP45FV Neo camera calibration tools needed

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 08:01:04 EDT 2023 | bukas

ill send you PM


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 10:33:46 EST 2013 | sarivong0914

Hello all, We have a Samsung CP45FV Neo, and I'm having problems with the operating software. I have a PCB with 2 different rev's. Rev. A boards was programmed to run Vertical. Then Rev.B boards are horizontal but was programmed to run vertical.

Samsung CP45FV NEO main start switch problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 03:32:58 EST 2020 | bukas

hello guys, I got a problem with MAIN START switch on Samsung CP45FV NEO. The switch itself works, and it activates contactors #1-1 #1-2 and #3 but after pressing READY button there is en error msg reporting that MAIN START has not been pressed. Alre

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 18:23:13 EST 2014 | kahrpr

You can not add or change the part groups on Samsung equipment. If my memory serves me the old CP40/20 you could but not on the newer equipment

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