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Problem with Vibration Feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 07:45:23 EDT 2011 | geb

Although I don't have the same model machine (ours is Samsung CP45FV) our Vib feeder had a "transportation" screw or strap (it was a few years ago) fitted that you need to remove before it vibrates properly. Ours has a on/ off switch on the feeder

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 10:54:18 EST 2014 | JB

Hello. Does anyone know how to add a different package to the Part Group on the Samsung CP45FV neo software? See picture. For example if we wanted a heading for Inductors, how do we add that? Thanks

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 15:19:49 EDT 2015 | superlen

JB, Thanks for the hint on the trimmer package "rough check" box, we have used it lately for some problem parts and it is indeed handy. -- On another Samsung question I have (slight thread hijack) Is anyone clear on how the "FEEDER" rotation sett

Samsung CP45 FV Neo Feeder Problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 05:12:06 EDT 2009 | geb

Hi, Does anyone have problems with the cover tape not peeling back on the 8mm wide feeders. We often find that particularly at the start of the job, the cover tape doesn't peel back causing mis-picks. Thanks, Grant

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 05 05:54:07 EDT 2015 | JB

What we have found after using the machine for a while is that its difficult to set up most odd / uneven parts. The best way we have found is use the trimmer package and then use the rough check feature, that seems to work well with most things.

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 26 04:14:27 EDT 2015 | JB

It is only available in the trimmer package, its a tick box, not sure exactly how it works but it just does a rough check of the part, not very good for fine pitch / very high accuracy needed.

Which is best to buy Samsung CP45FV Vs I-pulse M2

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 24 23:19:34 EDT 2014 | darby

I have 2 x CP45FV, 2 X CP45-Neo FV and 2 X Tenryu FV7100V (forerunner of M2. Personally, I think the machines are about equal although CP-45 are probably easier to operate and program. The i-Pulse are a bit more eccentric and programming and operatio

Samsung CP45FV Neo Programming

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 07:15:24 EST 2014 | JB

Thanks for the reply, how do people handle different packages then if you can't add new ones? If we had a 1206 sized inductor, then a 1206 sized ferrite bead and so on, they would all have to be grouped under the same generic heading? e.g. Chip-R321

Samsung CP 45 NEO, servo motors

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 08 05:44:40 EST 2019 | bukas

are you sure #1 and #6 are interchangeable? if I remember correctly there is a catch with those motors, like there are 2 groups, group 1 being #1 #3 #5 and group 2 being #2 #4 and #6. maybe try getting it back and swapping cables at drivers for head

Samsung CP45FV NEO main start switch problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 06:39:29 EDT 2021 | bukas

Hi James, make sure you have healthy HDD and disk image. These machines are a bit prone to data corruption after all these years and it can often look like hardware problem. I had a problem with mirror axis that turned out to be corrupted data. Ther

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