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Samsung SMT cp45fv neo program user manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 16:06:59 EST 2011 | nick79

Hi Everyone, I'm new here,does anyone have the samsung smt cp45fv neo user manual ? I'm new,and working with it now,please help. Thanks in advance.

Differences from CP45FV and CP45FV NEO

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 06:31:08 EST 2018 | aval

Hello, i m looking for differences between CP45FV and CP45FV NEO. But i haven't found specifications. Can anyone help me to know? Thank you!

Differences from CP45FV and CP45FV NEO

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 08:05:15 EST 2018 | bukas

there are few physical differences, sw is same. and for me the biggest one is that CP45FV has springs on its spindels, while CP45FV NEO has springs on nozzles.

Differences from CP45FV and CP45FV NEO

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 01:29:11 EST 2018 | dalsenkenneth

Thanks for the info! Will take note of this as well.

Samsung pick and place machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 15:34:48 EDT 2000 | Craig

Does anybody know much about or had any experience with Samsung pick and place machines, in particular the CP45FV, CP40L and LV. They seem a cheaper option, but apart from the agents we cant find anyone with much to say about them.

Differences from CP45FV and CP45FV NEO

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 10 18:56:23 EST 2018 | cpcompany

Hi, Aval Let me introduce myself. I am Casey Park from Starworks Korea and providing used SMD equipment especially Samsung pick and placer and Mirtec AOI. Plus I provide refurbishment on old Samsung pick and placer. I have CP45FVNeo manual in PDF

Differences from CP45FV and CP45FV NEO

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 11:50:36 EST 2018 | aval

Thanks a lot! Is the service manual available on internet? I tried to google but nothing.

Need manuals for Samsung CP40 and Philips Eclipse

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 21 02:43:27 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I'm planning to upgrade my P&P. We had a local auction that included a Samsung CP45FV. I was able to download a NEO manual, it was very well written and the Samsung software looks just incredible for setup and programming the vision system. But, t

Philips Topaz X vs. Samsung CP45FV

Electronics Forum | Sat May 11 07:23:41 EDT 2002 | Mladen Alexandrov

Can anyone tell me which machine is better - Philips Topaz X or Samsung CP45FV? The machine is for contract manufacturing services with midium volume, high mix boards.

Samsung CP45FV vs. Fuji CP6-42/IP3

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 15:37:57 EST 2005 | davef

Jason: Do you have a Samsung CP45FV for sale? Or are you trying to gauge the market for a future purchase?

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