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Quad QSV-1 failed during production run

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 15 13:06:00 EST 2014 | bobpan

This is a theta axis head 2 error. Manually spin the head and make sure the bearings are loose and spinning. If not, they may need lubricated or serviced. You can also swap theta amps between the heads to see if you have an amplifier problem. Good L

Quad QSV-1 failed during production run

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 09 19:16:22 EST 2014 | navworx

Was running production when the head just came to a stop, motor went off, error window said to home. Upon attempting to home, got message: G1T2 homing error; index mark not found. I've tried rebooting the machine, but this error still appears. Any

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 17 02:37:21 EST 2005 | manyhats

Hi, it seems like you have some experience with the SM320... How do you feel about the reliability, and consistency of it? does it generate alot of error on a run? and what do you mean about feeders breaking the head? Also you're telling me that this

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 10:33:48 EDT 2017 | simons

Yes. All amps were properly programmed and tested with another Samsung machine. In addition head #1 Z-axis motor was also swapped out. Simon

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 18:40:44 EDT 2017 | simons

We have a Samsung that we have replaced all the amps and are still getting the Z axis motor alarm failure. On the “Position Window” before and after we try to “Home” the machine, the values for “Z-Axis” for all three heads prior to the “Home” action

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 11:04:20 EDT 2017 | bobpan

So what your telling me is kind of vague. Does the machine home and go to the front left corner of the machine? If it does....this could be a quad align problem....meaning dirt on the lens or so-forth. You should watch the heads homing in the z-axi

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 17:54:17 EDT 2017 | simons

The machine does not move to the home position. Once we hit the "Home" button all three heads will move up to the "Home" position but then 5 to 10 seconds later the following error pops up "Error 1531 - Z Axis motor alarm" before any "xy" movement i

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 17:43:16 EST 2012 | jaimebc

Theta error came back again during our first production run. Swaped motcards as a final attempt to find an easy fix and nothing. I swapped heads with another MYDATA to positively isolate the problem. And the theta error followed the head.

Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 19:31:54 EST 2005 | eeltec

>I/OPERATION ==> >1/RUNNING ==> but any command that I try gives an E100 error and in the left side of the monitor a square with: Conditions Initialized Waiting Emg stop (in red) org incmp (in red) Interlock (in red) data comp Use Vac

Zevatech FS730 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 05:58:35 EST 2007 | Peter

Hi All, We again have problem with Zevatech FS-730 This machine shows error E202162: "System error: T axis of center head: Parameter error when T axis performs PTP action.(Kind of unit)" and it stop running. It does not pick up components. At low spe

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