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pick'n'place selection

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 09:52:52 EDT 2006 | Rob

I think perhaps you should revisit the choice and take another look at Universal Advantis, I-Pulse M2 & M4(low cost Assemblion), Samsung SM320 or CP45 Neo, Contact Systems C5, Fuji XP series, Juki KE2060, and Siemens Siplace. There is nothing wrong

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 02:59:45 EST 2009 | rajeshwara

Here is the address of Samsung SMT India sales engineer. d_kanhed@rediffmail.com & w.dhaval@samsung.com Best : Juki & Fuji Good : Samsung SM400 series

Samsung C60 Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 15:51:17 EST 2006 | TM

Sorry I meant CP60 Series


Electronics Forum | Mon May 31 02:02:11 EDT 2010 | fönsi

Thank you for your feedback. Is anybody else using a Samsung Placer from the SM-400 series?

High-mix, Low-volume Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 12:17:08 EDT 2002 | timdaly

Change over and flexibility are two critical areas you need to have controlled in order to be successful in the high mix, low volume market. Machines to consider: SAMSUNG CP series, MyData My series, and Europlacers.

Setup speed, Samsung, Yamaha or Juki ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 30 06:02:50 EDT 2022 | sarason

My program PCBSynergy does a conversion between Altium and Juki 700 series , 2000 series and even FX1R, Also yamaha VIOS. It can be found at https://pcbsynergy.com Also lots of other stuff in there for making this job easy sarason

board schematics for Samsung CP30 to 33 / Quad QSA30

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 16:53:32 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I'm trying to diagnose a Quad QSA-30A machine that won't go ready. I have the machine technical drawings, they have overall machine schematics and cable wiring on most of the cables, but that's all. Does anyone have access to the schematics of the

Quad Machines? Good Points / Bad Points

Electronics Forum | Thu May 02 17:00:39 EDT 2002 | gregp

I don't have Quad machines but I would like to say that all Quad machines are not manufactured by Quad. IIC, IVC, QSP-2, APS-1, QSX, AVX are Quad. CP series are Samsung. Meridian series are Mirae. The reliability and ease of use of these models may v

Need a new Pick/Place. Recommendations?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 25 21:34:19 EDT 2007 | darby

Samsung CP-50 should suit your requirements. All feeders from the Samsung range are compatible except the new SM320/321 series. Don't know about the financial side. I have never used this model but the people I know who have are happy with them. Migh


Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 10:32:26 EDT 2010 | Fönsi

Hello! Is anyone of you using a Placer from the Samsung SM-400 Series? We are looking for a new Pick and Place Machine, and the Samsung SM-421 Placer impressed me. How does it work at daily production? Could it be that the Software is the weak point

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