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Samsung/Hanwha Maintenance - Which Grease?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 03:08:52 EDT 2020 | bukas

check vacuum filters of spindles, you can get paste inside and reduce vacuum level.

Samsung CP20CV

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 14:40:26 EDT 2023 | unsung

Replace the crystal in the vacuum card. I have this issue once a year.

Samsung fiducial camera

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 03:39:42 EDT 2017 | bukas

hello everyone, i'm experiencing some problems with Samsung CP45FV NEO fiducial camera. image is running trough display(something like when you look display trough phone camera, but runs horizontally) and it has offset. the problem is that offset ch

Samsung 30mm filter p/n

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 19:05:12 EST 2011 | thejedeye

Can someone help please, purchasing agent guessing which p/n needed, for a Samsung CP 40CV there are 3 - 30MM filter located behind vacuum head, we think its one of these p/n's. P/N J1300300-I, P/N J1300300, P/N J1301351 TiA Thanks

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 16:21:04 EST 2006 | robls

We are a contract manufacturer in South Africa and have been running with Samsung equipment since 1999. To date we have 8 machines running 18 hours a day and have had nothing but fantastic service from these machines. We started with the old CP30 mac

Moisture Sensitivity and Package Cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 18:15:39 EST 1999 | Joe

Greetings, We are discussing what should and what should not be baked and vacuum packed. Should we just concentrate on the fine pitch packages and the bga's? What about those components which come on blister tape, should they get baked and re-packed

LED sticking into carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 11:13:34 EDT 2017 | tombstonesmt

One tip that I found very useful in this application that hasn't been mentioned is auto pick up position teach. Our Panasonic equipment will constantly move the pick up position in regards to the center of the nozzle when scanned. On older Panasonic

SAMSUNG nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 19:04:39 EDT 2005 | russ

check your clamping rails and see if you see any little wear marks, we constantly hit these clamps during placement when the parts are too close to the edge. The height of that clamp is either 4 or 6mm I beleive and the noozles will hit them on occ

Problem with Vibration Feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 07:45:23 EDT 2011 | geb

Although I don't have the same model machine (ours is Samsung CP45FV) our Vib feeder had a "transportation" screw or strap (it was a few years ago) fitted that you need to remove before it vibrates properly. Ours has a on/ off switch on the feeder

Re: Packaging of moisture sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 12:39:07 EDT 2000 | Chris C

Hi Christopher, To my knowledge, heat seal along will not provide you the desire condition. Currently, we're using vacuum sealer to reseal all MSD restock items. If you have variety of package and constantly need to reseal the MSD parts, I'd like to

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