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Re: sanyo

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 15:35:46 EDT 2000 | Christopher Lysik

Universal Instruments sells the Sanyo chip shooter as the 4791 and 4796 chip shooter. If you go to www.uic.com you can get all sorts of info Universal is located in Binghamton N.Y. Universal has a office in the Chez Republic. They may also be able to

Universal OS/2 sfotware upgrade?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 11:24:48 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

I bet UIC's new programming software DPO will support the 4796. Maybe not, though. It will certainly support a 4797 but I don't know about the 4796. Anyway, that will not be cheap. Otherwise, there is Sanyo's UCT software. I believe UCT-52 wil

Sanyo TCM 3000 physical dimensions

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 10:24:51 EST 2003 | kauerr

Hey, go to http://www.uic.com it is the Universal Instruments website. Universal sells HSP 4796 machines. These are actually Sanyo TCM 3000 Machines. We have 4 of them, they are awesome machines. Hope this helps, Curt

GEM interface

Electronics Forum | Sat May 17 18:53:56 EDT 2008 | mika

I would suggest You to Contact UIC S/W development department in Germany and ask for Peter Raab. European Headquarters � Neu-Isenburg, Germany Phone: +49 (0)6102-8822-0 Normally I guess that one asked such a question here, just because of not to be

201 Nozzle, HSP4796

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 20:38:07 EST 2001 | davef

So, what does John Rukavina at Sanyo [888-672-5353] say?

Rating SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 18:15:13 EDT 2002 | cnoonan

Fuji: Wonderful machine, very robust, Hardware second to none. Lacking on software Universal: Love the GSM, great platform. Sanyo HSP�s are ok, like the new 4796, not sure about the 4797 yet, have not had it long enough to give good data. Sieme

Universal 4796B Questions...

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 16:39:39 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

The parts libraries are not readable text. The Sanyo software we used (UCT, I believe) would optimize the program for you. NCZ format is different than the 4785 .800 format, but if you can understand the 4785 format you won't have any problems

SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 12:28:44 EDT 2004 | jasont

Hi YuKim, Have you considered purchasing 2nd hand machines? Tekmart International Inc. can help you find a cost effective solution for your additional SMT line requirements. We have in stock and access to several of the machines you've listed; -


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 14:47:24 EST 1998 | Dave F

| What is the CPH for Universal/Sanyo chip shooter? Spec. needed only. Thanks | Mike: Universal�s High Speed Placement (HSP) machines are booked at: 4791 - 30k cph 4796 - 36k cph

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 11:46:34 EDT 2002 | tmv

Lot's of good discussion in this string...but I think we've missed a few points. First off...turret machines are more than capable of handling the smaller component sizes (in fact, they are the best)...Machines like the SANYO TCM-3000 or Universal 47

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