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Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 03 09:00:01 EDT 2019 | jfmahe

Hello all I'm looking for TAKAYA 9400 motors: y:P50B04006DXS4RE SANYO DENKI X:P50B05010DXS4RE SANYO DENKI Z:RB2451AT104 SANYO DENKI Thanks for help. J-F


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 06:20:22 EST 2017 | JPR

Can any body suggest what is the reason behind SRT machine stepper motor malfunctioning as we are using VJ electronics Summitt 750 model having Sanyo Denki stepper motor. Stepper Motor fails sometime during picking up component or during placement no


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 17:13:11 EST 2022 | goldendragon

Hi Team, Do you have this driver for sale?

Need servo motor for Yamaha YG100R machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 16 04:46:46 EDT 2014 | haiae

I'm looking for a new or used servo motor for my Yamaha YG100R PnP machine with original model: Q2GA04006VXS2C (Sanyo denki ) If anyone can offer it please contact me ASAP. Thanks & best regards,

need 103H7570-7024 stepper motor

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 02:59:10 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I need a Sanyo Denki 103H7570-7024 stepper motor to repair a Quad QSA-30A machine. Some idiot put a 2-phase motor in there! It is supposed to be a 5-phase motor. If anybody knows where to get these, please let me know. Apparently, the same motor

Problem with y-axis Yamaha84 SMT mounter

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 18:25:13 EDT 2005 | darby

The encoder on the Y axis motor is almost certainly kaput. Debris from the wear of the motor brushes or whatever else can find its way onto the encoder and give an ever increasing false pulse. The axis will start OK but progressively go out of whack


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 04 23:34:34 EST 2017 | jineshjpr

Dear Sir, Sanyo Denki Bi-Polar motor rarely rotates with actual speed while Picking up the component, Otherwise Stepper motor rotates with very slow moving speed by creating noise and same speed variation repeats while Placing the component. After co

Samsung CP20CV

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 01 16:46:40 EDT 2023 | assuredtech

We have the following Samsung CP20 spare parts and feeders available, we also have CP40 - CP45 spare parts and feeders available - please inquire. 1.) Fine Suntronix MRK OR4-H Power Supply 24V 16 Amp Output 2.) Y Axis Service AmplifierSanyo Denki PY0


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