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Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 09:47:06 EDT 2000 | Firestarter

Hello there I'm a student from austria and tried to find some technical information of Sanyo SMT machines. But I've been trying everywhere and in the end I've found this forum. I would be especially interrested in the TCM3600 , TCM3000 and the TIM500

Re: chip shooter

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 01:19:10 EDT 1999 | Wiratsr

Hi Jeff, I didn't have experience with Pansert MV2-E, but I have MV2-F. The machine running in high speed, but very noisy. I have other machine Sanyo TCM-3000 Same speed with MV2-F. Sanyo is original design turret system, a stable mounting machine,

Re: Help with new placement equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 21 08:37:16 EDT 1998 | Dave Kalen

The Sanyo Short machine, with 80 8mm feeder slots is a great high speed with a small footprint. The new TIM-5000 flexible placer offers an incredible range of components and flexibility. You may want to consider this option also. Depending on your bu


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