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Humiseal 1A33 Gel with Nordson SC400 Valve

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 03:14:57 EST 2013 | mg2013

Hello @ the specialists, we have a Nordson Asymtek SL940 to coat our pcb's. We can use the valves SC100 and SC400 for conformal coating applications. We use the Humiseal 1A33 as the conformal coating. Now we would like to use the standard 1A33 in th

What to use SAC305 or SAC405??

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 01:45:16 EDT 2007 | Jane

There are several alloys had been using in the industry. For SMT: most people use SAC305 For Wave: most of them use SAC305,SC100C,SCS7,and SACX0307. Of course, different alloy composition have its own recommended profile. There is no such rule tellin


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